“How To” Plan a Group Vacation

Ever since I was 25, I dreamt about how I was going to celebrate turning 30. I know, I am a crazy person. I am the only person that actually looks forward to getting older. I told my close girlfriends that we should go to Italy and rent a villa for our 30th birthday. It just sounded so fabulous, I knew this was something that needed to happen. Continue reading

Euro trip- Rome Day 2

Rome, Day 2. Our last day in Rome and we spent it in Capri. We booked this tour through Viator, and at first, it seemed like a really great idea. It was another chance for me to see Italy without having to pay for an additional room night. The reviews I read were so positive and seemed like a fun time. It’s a full day trip to Capri from Rome, and you get to spend several hours on the island. You could also pay an extra 30 euros to go to the Blue Grotto. Sounds intriguing right?! Yeah, not so much. It’s a three-hour bus ride to Naples, then an hour ferry to the island. So a total eight hours there and back. When I mentioned it to my boyfriend, he was some what hesitant. But we read more reviews and for the most part, people said that the commute is long, but overall worth it. That’s all I needed to hear. Andy, decided he would let my mom and I hang out instead.

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