“How To” Plan a Group Vacation

Ever since I was 25, I dreamt about how I was going to celebrate turning 30. I know, I am a crazy person. I am the only person that actually looks forward to getting older. I told my close girlfriends that we should go to Italy and rent a villa for our 30th birthday. It just sounded so fabulous, I knew this was something that needed to happen. Continue reading ““How To” Plan a Group Vacation”

How to Spend 12 Hours in NYC

How to Spend 12 Hours in NYC

Some of you may know that I have grown to be obsessed with having elite status on American Airlines. As 2017 is coming to an end and I had to determine how far off I was to making my Platinum status. After some calculations, I needed to fly at least three to four more times to get what I need. Continue reading “How to Spend 12 Hours in NYC”

“How To” Make the Most of Your Points and Travel for Free!

Everyone loves free things. I know I do. My money is extremely important to me, and over the years I’ve gotten better about spending my money wisely. I don’t shop nearly as much and when I do, I make sure that I’m buying something that I need and that I 100% love it. Continue reading ““How To” Make the Most of Your Points and Travel for Free!”