Budapest, Hungary

Overview: It was hard not to stop by Budapest on this part of our journey. While in actuality, this should have been our final destination due to proximity. But it was actually more expensive to leave out of Budapest than it was Vienna. I had heard so many wonderful things about Budapest, that I thought we should give it a shot. Long story short…I am perfectly fine never going back again. The city is dirty and has tons of seedy areas. Prior to arriving in Europe, my friend and I receive three alerts from the Embassy saying US Citizens beware. Side note: if you are traveling out of the country, especially to Europe. Make sure to sign up through Smart Traveler and receive all of the US Embassy alerts. God forbid if anything were to ever happen, the government has your information and can contact you or a family member. With everything going on, this is super important.

How we got there:

We used our rail pass and took a six and a half hour train ride from Prague to Budapest. Again, not really how I wanted to do things. But seeing that I didn’t really enjoy Budapest, I am glad this wasn’t our final city. We had first class on this train and it was nice. We popped a Xanax and slept most of the way. It worked out perfectly.

Where we stayed:

Boscolo Budapest, Autograph Collection: imageThis hotel was stunning! Marble everywhere. It caught me off guard because it’s right off a Main Street with strange people all around. It made me a little nervous at first.
Attached to the hotel is the famous New York Cafe. People were literally walking inside just to take pictures of the stunning vaulted gold trimmed ceilings and luxurious velvet draping.


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Things we did:

Thermal Beer Bath Spa–  This practice originated in Prague dated back to the Middle Ages. Beer minerals and ingredients are poured into a hot bath (Jacuzzi) and you get to sit inside and let the minerals open your pores and release the toxins. The health benefits are healing ailments, release of muscle tension and joint pain. It’s also very good for your skin and hair. The best part is, is that you get to drink beer in the beer bath! The bath is about 45 minutes long and you can either share one tub with another individual or you can have your own. I did my own…who wants to share?!? I am so obsessed with this that I would fly into Budapest just to sit in a bath for 45 minutes. Highly recommend. Cost: $50.00

Szechenyi Thermal Spa– Budapest sits on top of thermal springs. So they built these spas that extracts the thermal minerals into a large outdoor and indoor pools. They have tons of spas in Budapest for you to choose from. But this particular one happens to be one of the largest and it also had the beer bath spa. There are several entrances to the particular spa, so read your directions carefully. There are also many add-ons to choose from. Such as if you want a personal cabin to change and keeping your belongings in. If you want slippers and a robe. If you want to add-on a massage. So you can customize it to however you like it! It was a little chilly by the time we stepped outside, but the experience made it worth it. Cost: $15.00

Central Hall Market– One of the oldest markets in the world, opened in 1876. With the size of a football field, there are stands lined up on the lower and upper levels. Budapest is known for their paprika. You can by the original flavor, smoked, hot, and sweet. They have all kinds of traditional foods and liquor you can buy! I found tons of gifts for family and friends.

Budapest Parliament

Raktar Night Club: We needed to dance, and that’s exactly what we did at this place. The music was old school and early 90’s hip hop. The bartender was so nice and made sure we had a good time. It’s smokers city outside, but the atmosphere is overall pretty friendly!

Where we ate:

Rezkakas: a very traditional Hungarian restaurant with live Hungarian music. The quality of food and service is superb! Cost: $$

Taverna Dionysos: Okay, let me tell you about this place. Some of the BEST Greek food I have ever had, and I’ve been to Greece! This restaurant doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the inside made me feel like I was in Santorini. Bright white and blue paints decorated throughout the restaurant. We literally ordered at least six plates of food, and because Budapest is not on the euro, it was dirt cheap!! So fabulous! Cost: $