Europe 2016 Edition

As I have mentioned in my previous blog post, my girlfriend and I recently took a “Eat. Love. Pray.” vacation to Europe. Six countries in 13 days!

This vacation couldn’t have come at a better time in our lives. Both newly single and in the process of self-discovery. We took this time to stop and really enjoy the world around us and use the moments in life to really sit back and point us in the right direction.

Click each city below for the whole story!

Paris, France

Overview- This was my fourth time traveling to Paris. The love that I have for this city is indescribable. My girlfriend had never traveled to Europe before and Paris was a must for both of us. While we arrived super early and our room wasn’t ready, we pushed through our jet lag and made the most … Continue reading Paris, France

Budapest, Hungary

Overview: It was hard not to stop by Budapest on this part of our journey. While in actuality, this should have been our final destination due to proximity. But it was actually more expensive to leave out of Budapest than it was Vienna.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Overview: Amsterdam is a city that I have been wanting to explore for quite some time now. I have had a ton of friends that have recently visited and said that it is one of their favorite cities.

Munich, Germany

Overview: To be completely honest, I had zero desire to go to Germany up until six months ago. I had this impression that Germany was cold and unfriendly.

Prague, Czech Republic

Overview: Well, well! What a surprise this city was. Prague was our fourth stop on this vacation and I was in awe. I didn’t have any expectations or any knowledge about the city, except for what people told me.

Vienna, Austria

Overview: What can I say about Vienna? It was a spectacular surprise. Out of the three cities: Prague; Budapest; Vienna, I only heard one person say how much they loved Vienna.