“How To” Plan a Group Vacation

Ever since I was 25, I dreamt about how I was going to celebrate turning 30. I know, I am a crazy person. I am the only person that actually looks forward to getting older. I told my close girlfriends that we should go to Italy and rent a villa for our 30th birthday. It just sounded so fabulous, I knew this was something that needed to happen. Continue reading

48 Hours in Portland, Maine

I recently took a short vacation to Portland, ME for my mom’s birthday. This was my first time visiting the New England area and it did not disappoint me.

My mom visited last year for her birthday after reading an article in Bon Appetite magazine, “Where to eat and drink in Portland, ME” which gave tips on how to enjoy Portland in 72 hours. They laid out where to eat and drink in a very easy to do itinerary. So I’m going to share some of these tips with you! Continue reading