Restaurant of the Month- Moody Tongue

Hello, my lovely readers! It has been quite some time since we’ve connected. With everything happening with COVID, I feel like a life has just been put on hold, right?

2020 has been a real asshole, if I must say. From BLM protests, to quarantine to Mother Nature’s extreme mood swings. Life has totally flipped upside down. But seeing that we’re over six months into the year and starting to see a glimmer of normalcy back. With restaurants starting to re-open, I have been taking full advantage of restaurants that have been extraordinarily difficult to get into.

One of the places that I wanted to visit before everything shut down was Moody Tongue. This high-end brew pub is on it’s way to being the only second brew pup to receive a Michelin star! From their wide array of beer selections and pre-fixed menu. This has all the makings of being one of the best restaurants in the city!

Moody Tongue Review

“Moody Tongue, in its spacious new South Loop digs, combines a serious, large-scale brewing program with the cuisine of chef Jared Wentworth, who, through his stellar work at Longman & Eagle and Dusek’s Board & Beer, has had considerable success in capturing the Michelin Man’s attention.

So let’s get to it!

My mom and I were able to secure reservations right away as soon as MT opened its’ outdoor seating. We pulled up to the restaurant and checked in. At first, I saw people sitting outside and assumed that’s where we would be too, but they took us inside this dark vaulted space. I don’t know what I image I had in my mind, but this wasn’t it.

As we cascaded up the stairs, I panned my eyes to the dark walls and wood trim framing the interior. As we walked into a separate room, my mouth opened. It was like we were inside an atrium but inside someone’s living room. It was warm and embracing. We sat down and giddly went to work on the menu.

What We Ate

BUTTER POACHED KING CRAB– UM…this was f****** tasty! I literally couldn’t be more obsessed with this dish. I love king crab and the way this dish was paired with the gnocchi and elote style corn, melted my insides. My mouth is watering as I’m typing this and wondering if I should pick some up for takeout tonight.

OYSTERS– These were meaty, yet light and salty. It comes with a side of their homemade hot sauce.

SKILLET FRIED QUAIL– This plate was so creative and fun to look at. It comes with bone marrow

MISHIMA RESERVE STRIP STEAK– So incredibly flavorful! This was paired with ricotta dumplings which offered a nice contrast to the texture of the strip steak.

12 LAYER CHOCOLATE CAKE– While I’m not a huge fan of sweets, cakes, cupcakes or anything that has a lot of sugar. This cake is very tasty. It has layers of coconut, graham crackers, gnache, and some crushed up pretzels. Each layer is a surprise!

What We Drank




I am obsessed with this restaurant. It continues to reinvent itself, adding new items to the menu and changing its’ food service. It recently just added BBQ as a takeout option as well as brunch, which I most definitely will be taking advantage of shortly. I highly recommend this restaurant to all the foodies out there and for visitors that are looking for a warm local spot. I see big things in the future for Moody Tongue!

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