Travel Guide: Cannes, France

After a pretty eventful trip in Lisbon, the crew was ready to jet off to our next location-Cannes, France! I’ve actually been to the south of France before with my ex-boyfriend and I fell completely in love with it. Last time, I stayed in Nice which has a bunch of beautiful beaches and great restaurants. However, there isn’t too much of a night life. So, I decided Cannes would be a perfect location for us.

Cannes is one of the more glamorous towns in the French Riviera. Our group can be a little “bougie” more so myself than anyone else. But it’s a place I knew that my friends would appreciate. Great restaurants and awesome shopping! Plus easy access to all of the smaller towns such as Villefranche.


Trying to get 12 people from one location to another is never easy. Especially, when you’re trying to be cost-conscious and efficient with your time. We flew TAP Air Portugal from Lisbon to Nice. It’s about a two hour flight in total. From there, I had Black Lane Car Service pick us up from the airport and take us to the villa. I’ve been using Black Lane for quite some time now. If you’re looking for a luxury style car service that is relatively inexpensive, I highly recommend them. They’re always on time, nicely dressed and extremely friendly.

Our Villa

Les Roses Blanches Just like choosing a hotel, picking a villa is extremely important. Especially, when you’re traveling with such a large group of people. You want to find a place that is close to city center so that you don’t have to take a bunch of cabs. But you also want to be far enough way where you can be a little bit loud and have a good time outside.

The guest rooms are also super important because this is going to be your home for the next few days. Unlike hotels where you know you’re going to have a clean room with a nice bed and shower. Air BnBs can be a hit or miss.

I try really hard to stay away from Air BnBs because, again you never know what you’re going to get. So, I look for luxury villa rental companies. It’s managed by someone and have set standards to live by. Unfortunately, most of the villas were either too expensive or too far away. So, I had to look into VRBO. At one point in time, I was getting ready to book the most spectacular villa. Then I started to receive questionable emails from the honor saying that they don’t credit cards, only wire transfer. Side note: DO NOT PAY VIA WIRE TRANSFER. Should it actually be a scam, there is no way to get your money back. At least with a credit card they aren’t your direct funds and your CC company can fight the charges for you. Shortly after the weird exchange, I got an email from VRBO stating that they took the listing down due to false advertising. Whew!

The villa I ended up choosing had a very old glamour French style. So obsessed! This is exactly how I would want my home to be in France. The villa was about a 10-minute walk from Rue de Croissette. It had seven bedrooms and only four and a half bathrooms. I was concerned that this would be an issue for us because we had 11 people staying the house and it might get a little crowded. No issues at all! Our villa also had an outdoor pool, two outdoor terraces, a grill, and a breakfast patio deck.

Eat & Drink

The South of France has some of the best food in the world. With tons of world-renowned chefs, you can’t go wrong with any place. If you are in the French Riviera, don’t forget to try the staple dish, “Bouillabaisse” Below are some spots we ate and drank.

  • San Telmo– A quick and dirty place to grab quality food while you are shopping in Cannes. We ordered the bolognese and the burrata. Cost: $$
  • La Plage Keller– a little restaurant that sits off the coast of Juan les Pins in Antibes. A great spot to pull up your boat and grab some lunch. We ordered the Salt Crusted Whole Fish. Cost: $$$
  • La Brouette de Grand-Mere– I am in love with this place. Very casual french restaurant. The menu isn’t flashy but it has tons of big bold flavors. They offer five course pre-fixed menu with a welcome glass of champagne, a shot of vodka AND a half bottle of wine! All for a mere 50 euros. You can’t beat this in the Cote d’Azur.
  • Barrell Pub– A casual Irish bar with fun music.
  • Posto Pubblico– This is place is a must-visit if you’re looking for a low-key dance spot.
  • A L’Ombre De Muriers– located in Saint Paul de Vence. Offers a three-course pre-fixed menu for about 26 euros


There was so much to do in Cote d’Azur, because of its vicinity to all the other small towns, you can easily take day trips to St. Tropez (San-Tro-Pay) or Monaco. I wanted to make sure our group had a chance to see some of the sites but also have some free time.

  • Shop in Rue Meynadier– I absolutely loved this street! While we were looking for a local cheese shop, we came across a fabulous pesto store, truffle shop and of course a cheese shop. These places are an absolute must.  La Ferme Savoyard/ Ceneri, Le Specialiste de la Truffle
Ceneri Cannes- get the aged parmesan and reggio cheese
  • Day Trip to Eze & Monaco– If you want a quick drive by of some of the best towns in the South of France, this tour is for you! See my favorite village of all time, Eze (make sure to eat at Chateu de Chevre d’Or and have a view) and then stop by Monaco to see the Formula 1 race. Cost: $70
  • Yacht Day– Anytime you are near water, you should always charter a boat. This has been apart of your group vacation for the past two years! This day is so special to us because we get the chance to let loose and really be with one another. Our bond always grows stronger after “Yacht Day”. If you are in the French Riviera, definitely check out, for a nice and relatively affordable prices.
  • Day Trip to Provence & Wine Tasting– Spend some time in the smaller villages of Provence and explore the nearby wineries. Check out Riveria Together Tours for custom packages!
  • Private Chef– Another favorite thing of ours is to hire a private chef when we’re staying in a villa. It is something that I recommend as it does change the overall feel of your vacation. All of a sudden you feel a little extra rich and even more grateful to be where you are.

Additional Things to Do

  • Day trip to St. Tropez
  • Have dinner at the Eden Roc Hotel
  • Rent a ferrari for the day and drive around the coast
  • Visit the Cannes Film Festival Museum
  • Dress up and visit the Monte Carlo Casino
  • Watch the changing of the guards at Palais Princier de Monaco
  • Stop by the famous Fragnord and see how perfume is made.
  • Visit the lavender fields

Fun Facts

  • There is a seven year waiting list to become a citizen of Monaco. Applicants must have $200 million dollars in the bank account in order to apply!
  • Monaco is its’ own country and is the second wealthiest in the world
  • Many famous artists such as Van Gogh lived in the Provence region
  • Grace Kelly and her family were the reason why Monaco established its glamour and wealth. Kelly’s father was very successful back in the United States and when she married
  • Prince Albert (the current prince of Monaco) has been known to have very sexually adventurous parties that tended to the male audience. As a royal you are obligated to produce a male heir. Because of his sexual preferences, his team set up an arranged marriage with former Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock. She had to undergo numerous surgeries on her body and face to meet the standards and features of a Princess
  • Supposedly Coco Chanel lifted her infamous interlocking C logo from the winery, Chateau de Cremet where she was a frequent visitor
  • Famed French actress Brigit Bardot was a huge fan of the French Riviera and spent most of her time here. Soon enough, others followed and it became a popular destination for the rich and famous
  • The Cannes International Film Festival began in 1939

I hope you all enjoyed the read and that you learned some fun tips about your next trip to France. It truly is one of my favorite places in the world! Comment below if you have any questions. Until next time…xoxo!

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