Travel Guide: Skagway, Alaska

The third stop on the cruise was Skagway. We had originally planned on doing a dog sledding tour. However, after doing some searching, it wasn’t the traditional dog sledding that you see in the wilderness. This was more in the outback with dirt roads and ATVs. It just seemed wrong.

So instead, my mom opted to stay on the cruise and take a personal day, while I booked a Yukon day trip tour. I was really pumped because 1.) It didn’t include any physical activity. 2.) I got to sit on bus and listen to a tour guide. 3.) I got to see parts of Alaska/Canada that not many people get to see.

The tour started in downtown Skagway and make its way up the Yukon where we learned about the first gold rush and how it affected the US and Canada.

Here are some fun facts about Skagway

  • There are no doctors or dentists that live in town. They stop by once a month to check out patients. During the winter months, visits get harder to come by due to weather. Should it be an emergency, only a Blackhawk is permitted to fly because it is the only one that can fly in extreme weather conditions
  • A gallon of milk costs $7.00
  • The white pass train took about two years to build and is over 100 miles in length. The train rails itself is only three feet wide not leaving much room against the mountains
  • The founder of the gold rush created a trust which is still around to this date to help fund and educate the First Nation people

Check out some of the sights I saw on the tour!

Tutshi Lake

Yukon Suspension Bridge

Yukon Sign

Visited Waterfalls

The water is so fresh and comes from glaciers, so it’s completely drinkable. Many of the people stopped by to fill up their water bottles!

Shopped & Ate in Downtown Skagway

Visited Skagway Brewery

Fun Fact: Skagway Brewery is known for their award winning Spruce Beer which has components of Vitamin C. Way back when Scurry was prevalent due to Vitamin C deficiency, they added this in to keep miners healthy!


I absolutely loved visiting Skagway! It’s hard to believe that the sights I saw are actually apart of the United States. It makes me sad to think that sometimes it’s forgotten. The natural and true beauty of the frontier is truly breathtaking. I for one can be the first to admit that I am not the outdoorsy type. But this, I was able to take in stunning views of what is Alaska. I am forever grateful! I highly recommend that you do a tour also. It is an absolute MUST!

Until next time…xoxo!

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