Alaskan Cruise Adventure

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I just got back a few days ago from my very first Alaskan cruise and it was AMAZING!

Now, this wasn’t my first cruise experience, but my first time was awful and I really don’t want to count it. But this time, mom and I did our research and decided to go with Silver Sea Cruises.

This came highly recommended from a family friend who has traveled on this cruise before. She understands what my mom and I both like and what our tastes are. This is no Disney cruise, ya’ll. This is a very high-end, luxury cruise. If you have the money to spend, this is well WORTH IT!

Background: The Silver Sea company is based out of Monaco, so you already know that this oozes style and class. They offer cruises that go all around the world, from Alaska, to Antarctica to Australia. The company was recently purchased by the Royal Caribbean. When I found this out, I was a little worried that the boat was not going to be how it was advertised. But fortunately, enough, the company is still self-run.

The specific ship we were on is the Silver Muse, so it specific only goes to Alaska. What’s nice about the Silver Sea is while it is very pricey, all of the state rooms or cabins are suites. That’s right, that means no rinky-dink rooms with barely any room to stand or unpack your luggage. But I’ll tell you more about the suites later on.

Booking Experience: I’ve heard tons of horror stories about people booking cruises and being misled with what is included. Not knowing that they had to pay for certain restaurants, or certain tours or internet. Travel agents and the cruise line themselves aren’t always upfront about the hidden fees. So, just when you think you’ve scored an awesome deal, you end up paying almost double the amount.

For us, the booking process was very simple and easy. We had a wonderful agent who walked us through everything. First things first. The cruise pricing is based on two people. So for myself, the cruise was $5,400 and then another $5,400 for my mom. If you are traveling alone, you do have to pay double the price. The price will vary based on where you are traveling to and the time of year. For Alaska May-August are peak seasons, so expect costs to go up.

Now I’m not sure if this is standard or if this was a deal that they ran, but we also got a $1,000 credit to use on the ship. That included spa services, shore excursions, or dining a specialty restaurants. This was a huge incentive for us as we planned on doing a bunch of excursions.

When paying for the cruise we were able to use two different credit cards. Mine and my mother’s for our portion of the trip. Again, it was painless and very easy. Once booked, we worked with our agent to take care of the rest of the logistics, such as booking flights, details on embarkment and disembarkment. It was so detailed and well-organized, my meeting planner brain was blown away.

About the Ship: we all know that I don’t do old. In fact I hate old. This ship happens to be two years old! The entire cruise was decked out with wood and silver trip. Artwork hanging all over the place. Truly stunning. Also, this particular ship holds about 596 passengers-crazy small. AND there’s only about 400 crew members on the boat as well. That’s almost a 1:1 ratio between passengers and crew. Meaning extra attention for you!

The cruise also comes equipped with an outdoor pool, three jacuzzis, a jogging path, three lounges, a casino, spa, fitness center, eight restaurants, a gelateria, an observatory library, four bars, a theater a cafe and cigar shop. Seriously, it seemed endless!

What’s Included

Again, you are paying a very heavy ticket price, but it’s the level of service and amenities that to me, makes it worth it in the end. And like I said, I’d rather know exactly what I’m getting with no surprises and pay more money

  • Round trip airfare
  • Overnight stay at a five star hotel prior to departure- Silver Seas booked us a room at the Fairmont Waterfront in Vancouver for the night before to ensure that we wouldn’t encounter any travel issues and board the ship on time. I’m just glad it was a Fairmont and not some other dingy hotel. Also, breakfast was included in the rate. Another perk and cost savings.
  • Round trip car transfer from airport to hotel and from the hotel to the port- Silver Seas coordinates to have your own private driver meet you at baggage claim to pick up your luggage and take you to your hotel.
  • Alcohol- this one can be tricky for certain cruises- but not on the Silver Seas. They only serve top shelf liquor and high-end wines on the ship. You even get your own personal mini bar with your choice of beverages and alcohol which is restocked everyday from your butler. YES, I said butler
  • Butler service- each cabin, regardless of what class you are in gets a butler. And I mean it is the whole dog and pony show. They are pretty much at your beck and call for the duration of the cruise- obviously try to be respectful about this, but really they will even offer to unpack your luggage for you. They handle room service deliveries and will make reservations for you. Just the best person to have around on the boat.
  • Internet- standard internet is included in the booking fees. You can pay for a higher speed for the entire stay or just a daily fee for a mere $29. Yikes.
  • Meals- all of your meals are included except for a few of the specialty restaurants. What’s nice is, if you want to pay for the specialty restaurants, it’s a flat fee of $60 per person. Keep in mind you can keep ordering as much food and booze as you want, totally get your monies worth!

About the State Rooms– I’m not an expert on cruises, but I can tell you that these rooms are better than some five star hotels. Traditionally, cabins can be extremely cramped, especially if you’re sharing with your family. Our cabin came equipped with a Queen sized bed, enough room under to store our luggage, a living room, a vanity desk, closet space with dressers, tons of hangers, and a shelf for shoes, and tie rack for the gentlemen; and last but not least, a very large bathroom with a separate bath tub and shower with marble trim everywhere. Not once did I feel like I didn’t have enough room or thought the room was missing something. Anything that I needed, was all there.

Cruise Food & Booze– One of the many reasons, people love taking cruises is the endless amount of food and booze at your disposal. All the veteran cruise travelers always say their cruise has the best food. Well, I believe they’re all full of shit. Unless you’re on the Silver Seas, Princess, or Sea Board, you definitely are not getting fresh handmade pasta every single night. You sure as shit aren’t getting five start Michelin quality food. The food on the ship was better than a lot of restaurants I’ve been too. With cuisines was from all over the world, from Japanese to Italian to Vietnamese, there was never a shortage of food to choose from.

When it came to the bars, the bartenders were very food about creating specialty drinks but they also knew about the traditional ones too. It helps too they their pours are on the heavier side, so you get your money’s worth. I definitely indulged the first night on the ship. ๐Ÿ˜‚

About the Journey– The trip from Vancouver to Anchorage is about seven days. The first day and a half you spend on-board. Day 2 you stop at Ketchikan for about seven hours. More than enough time to explore the cute town. Day 3 you disembark in Juneau. This is the longest time you’ll have on shore, approximately 11 hours. Day 4 is in Skagway. Day 5 is in Sitka and Day 6 is spent on the boat. The last and final day, we land in Seward and from there you can either take the train to Anchorage or you can continue on your journey Denali. Silver Seas will work with you directly to determine transportation needs.

What I Liked

I have so many positive things to say about this cruise, I don’t even know where to begin.

Service– The service from start to finish is unlike any other. Everyone is organized and just knows their shit.

Food– as mentioned above, the food was definitely the highlight of the trip. One of favorite things to do was to stop by the Arts Cafe during the morning and in the afternoon. They offer different kinds of detox waters and breakfast pastries in the morning. In the afternoon, they had cheese trays, tea, and mini sandwiches. Sometimes, I would create my own version of “afternoon tea”. The menus at each restaurant were so creative, I had to order everything. It was so f****** tasty. I couldn’t stop eating.

Size of the ship– as I mentioned before, this is one of the smaller cruises out there. Which I couldn’t love more. Here are two reasons why a smaller ship is the way to go:, 1.) There is always someone around if you need something. Everyone communicates with each other and everyone knows what’s going on. It gives the staff and the passengers a chance to develop a connect with one another. 2.) Less passengers on the boat means more room to do things. There was never any cattle calls for all of the passengers to have dinner. We never waited in line. It wasn’t crazy trying to get off the boat. We had plenty of space at the pool to spread out.

Activities– like most resorts or cruises, this one had daily activities for you to choose from. From blackjack competitions to shuffleboard and table tennis. You can do as much or as little as you want. I chose to do as little as possible. I did however walk laps around the top deck.

Jazz Club

Daily Receptions– every night there was a small cocktail hour for different guests. for example, first time passengers on the Silver Seas, had a chance to have drinks with the Captain and get to know other passengers, which was nice! The last day, they had a “send off” party for all the guests with Alaskan style food and drinks and games. It was a nice closing to the cruise.

What I Disliked

Entertainment– the overall entertainment was less than thrilling. It was a group of six singers that would put on shows every night singing to different eras of music. I didn’t like it because half the group wouldn’t sing or dance if their life depended on it. But! The ship offered other entertainment on the ship such as live music and a disco with a DJ. So, it wasn’t too terrible in the end. But normally there is supposed to be something all the guests look forward to every night.


I couldn’t be more obsessed with Silver Seas. Honestly, it was such an outstanding experience, I am already thinking of my next trip with them. As I mentioned earlier, it is very pricey, but again you are taking a luxury cruise and enhanced service from the crew. To me, it is absolutely worth. I’m sure I missed a few things, so take some time to explore their website and learn more about the company and everything they have to offer.

Or you can always leave a comment below! Until next time…xoxo!

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