Summer Time Chi

For anyone that knows anything about Chicago, it’s that the summers here are incredible. Because we only get about two months worth of summer weather, no one here takes it for granted.

Literally, every weekend, there is something going on. From concerts to festivals to rooftop season. It’s why I love this city so much. No matter what, I can always find something amazing to do.

This year, we were introduced to the Neon Summer pop-up. Every now and then during certain seasons, you’ll see a mini festival/carnival type thing pop up around the city. This one though, was beyond cool!

They have go-karts, ax throwing, and mini-golf (or for you weirdos out there, putt-putt).

You must purchase tickets in advance and select the time slot of when you would like to show up. My guess is to keep the crowds under control.

My group of friends and I decided to go with the full monty- meaning the highest package possible, which included go-kart tickets, two drinks, a shot, mini golf and ax throwing.

My absolute favorite was the go-karts. It has been too long since I’ve been in one and I’ll admit, it was a little terrifying at times. The speed would pick up and I would try to not launch into the railings while making a sharp turn. Nonetheless, they were very safe.

Outside of the all the activities, this is a Instagrammers dream with all of the neon glowing backdrops for pictures. It kind of reminded me of Candy Land. Every corner you turned, you just had to take a photo.

This pop lasts until labor day weekend! Make sure to get those tickets and enjoy another amazing part of Chicago.

Until next time…xoxo!

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