Travel Guide: Paros, Greece

During our stay in Mykonos, a small group of us decided to ferry over to the beautiful island of Paros. About an hour boat ride, we exited on to the busy streets and began our adventure. we only had about five hours to wander around.


Paros is known for two particular towns- Nassoua and Lefkes. Both are about a 30 minute drive from the main port. We wanted to visit both towns but only ended up seeing Nassoua. We found a bus to take us to Nassoua and we spent the day exploring.

IMG_1869 (1)

Nassoua is a beautiful seaside town. With more white buildings and winding roads. It is almost blinding to see pure white in front of your eyes. Each store front is as chic as the next. From ceramics to handmade jewelry, it is easy to find yourself constantly opening up your wallet.


After stopping and taking some photographs, we found a really cute restaurant for lunch that sat right on the water. We ordered rose and octopus and gazed at the blue waters.

After lunch, we explored some more and then jumped on our bus back to town and back to Mykonos.


I can definitely say, we did not spend enough time in Paros. Every local would ask how many days did we stay on the island? I would tell them  we were only there for a few hours and they looked at me with such disappointment.



If you are looking to get away from the nightlife and lights, I recommend you spend a couple of days in Paros. Take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the quiet life that is traditional Greece. Until next time…xoxo!

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