S.K.Y. Restaurant

This past weekend, I took a trip to the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago and had brunch at S.K.Y. Recently featured in Chicago Magazine as one of the best new restaurants in the city. I immediately went to their website and browsed the menu. Both the brunch and dinner menu captured my eye. So I quickly made a reservation for Sunday to celebrate an early Mother’s Day with the madre.


We walked in and were prepared to feast and that is exactly what we did. They have a fantastic three-course brunch prixe-fixed menu priced at $28. Everything on the menu comes out as dim sum and is basically shareable. Below is what we ordered.


Japanese Cucumber Salad (3 out of 5 stars): Loved that these were bite-sized. Eating cucumbers can get kind of messy, especially when they’re spiralized. But these were small and easy to eatThese were perfectly seasoned and tasty.

Mushroom & Goat Cheese Salad (2 out of 5 stars): This was one of my least favorites as it had too many textures going on. The mushrooms, the goat cheese and avocados all have a softer mushy feel. It was too much.

Bacon & Egg Fried Rice (5 out of 5 stars): Hats off to the chef for perfecting this classic take this simple breakfast dish. The rice was flavorful yet slightly greasy and seasoned to perfection. The only thing I didn’t like was the portion. Since when was a petrie dish considered acceptable portion to feed someone?

Garlic Beef Noodles (2 out of 5 stars): One of my other least favorite things off the menu. The beef was the only thing that really saved this dish. The noodles were extra thick, too soft and overpowered the dish. There is a lot of potential for this dish but failed to step up to the plate.


Sunnyside Up Frittata (3 out of 5 stars): Not your traditional version of a frittata but the pork belly was perfectly cooked. But it was lacking the boldness of the cheddar cheese and the red chiles.

Organic Fried Chicken (5 out of 5 stars): Um, still dreaming about this one! The fried chicken thigh was cooked in a nice light crispy batter. The creamed corn and the habenero sauce will leave your taste buds dancing around for days. This is a must try.

Maine Lobster Dumpling (5 out of 5 stars): This isn’t on the prixe-fixed menu, but this is one of their signature items that cannot be missed. I wish I had 20 of these little suckers. The creamy sauce and fresh lobster marry perfectly with one another. I’m beyond obsessed.

Black Truffle Croquettes (5 out of 5 stars): The truffle flavor is bold but not overpowering. The croquettes were light and not greasy and it did not disappoint.


Overall: Overall rating: 4 out of 5. This restaurant is definitely a stand-out and deserves to be listed in Chicago’s Magazine. I am so happy to see the Pilsen neighborhood blossoming with amazing new restaurants with patrons flocking to get reservations. I will back to test out the dinner menu, especially the hamachi. Until next time…xoxo!


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