Marble & Velvet

At the end of 2017, I needed to re-evaluate my surroundings at home. I was feeling overwhelmed at work and just loaded with stress. I hated walking into my own condo and looking at old furniture that I had purchased with my ex-boyfriend. The more I looked at it, the more I wanted to get rid of it. I hated every piece of furniture in my home. My closets were crowded and had zero organization to it. My dining room table was falling apart and didn’t match anything in my home. My sofa was dark and too long.

Old closets

When you walk into your home, it’s supposed to serve as your sanctuary. But for me, it just elevated my stress level, So I decided to finally pull the trigger and start fresh.


First things first was re-doing my closets. I have wanted them done for YEARS! California Closets came in and installed the most luxurious closets my wallet could afford. The color scheme in my room is a French Grey. So to keep it consistent I went with a gray finish with gold hardware to match my gold speckled wallpaper. It comes complete with a belt rack, cabinets and plenty of cubbies for my shoes. The level of anxiety I had from just looking at my old closets was immediately lifted and dumped into the trash. Well worth the expense.


Next was tackling my dining room and living room. My sofa was the second most important piece of furniture that needed to be changed. I spend a lot of my time on my sofa either working or just hanging out and taking naps. I wanted to make sure that whatever I purchased brightened up my home. The paint in my living room is and it had nothing but dark furniture, so it automatically brought the mood down. For the sofa, I wanted deeper cushions because I do like to sleep on my sofa and I wanted enough space to wither around without a body part falling off. I went to Pottery Barn and found my dream sofa- the Grand Amelia Sofa.


To finish off the living room, I switched out my old crappy black and gray rug with a neutral tone to match the sofa and once again brighten my home.

Lastly, I purchased a gorgeous iron framed coffee table from Ballard Designs. This really helped pull together this Parisian chic feeling in my home.


The last beast was my dining room table and chairs. I follow Like to Know it on Instagram and I get a tons of interior design ideas. I came across these beautiful blush arm chairs. They had gold legs and a gold handle on the back. As soon as I saw them I immediately fell in love. It didn’t take long for me to bust out my credit card and add them to my cart.

Old dining room set

After the dining room chairs, comes the dining room table. I knew instantly that I wanted marble. Marble is so chic and fabulous. I searched and searched and searched. And after thinking I found my dream table from West Elm (Silhouette Pedestal table), and was days away from its arrival, I was informed that they planned on only sending me half a table–just the base and that the marble table top wasn’t expected to arrive until August!!! Needless to say I was fuming. I had already sold my dining room table and I needed something quick. Then I stumbled bacl  to the Anthropologie website- where I bought my dining chairs. Anthro had this stunning round marble table with a gold criss-crossed pedestal with gold trim around the table top. This is the epitome ofI  luxe on a budget. It’s practical, it doesn’t take up too much space and it’s something funky and different.


New dining room table
Chairs: Anthropologie; Dining table: Anthropologie

I feel amazing about my purchases and I can honestly say that I feel so much warmth and comfort everytime I come home. It’s beautiful, bright and most of all it’s me. There is still some work to be done, like having repainting the front room, changing out the bar stools and updating my bedroom set. Stayed tuned for more updates!


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