Travel Guide: How to Spend 12 Hours in NYC

Some of you may know that I have grown to be obsessed with having elite status on American Airlines. As 2017 is coming to an end and I had to determine how far off I was to making my Platinum status. After some calculations, I needed to fly at least three to four more times to get what I need.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, there is always a fire sale on flights towards the end of the year. You’ll start to see extremely cheap round trips in the fall into the winter months. In August, I saw a dirt cheap flight to New York for only $83 round trip. Yes, you read that right. When doing these mileage runs, the point is to spend as little as possible and maximize the miles accrued. So we booked a 6:00 AM flight leaving Chicago and then departing NYC at 9:30 PM. It sounds, crazy but the goal was simple. Eat and drink as much as we can in 12 hours. Hardly a challenge! Check out the things we did below.


Morning: I researched some breakfast spots near Lower Manhattan and came across Clinton Street Bakery. We got there early enough so that we didn’t have to wait in line, which grew rather quickly after we arrived. We posted up at the bar and ordered some mimosas, the buttermilk biscuit sandwich, and the country breakfast. The biscuits were so light and fluffy and tasted better than any KFC biscuit I’ve ever had. This place is lowkey, casual and inexpensive. It’s a must-add to your list. Afterwards we walked around SoHo and visited a few galleries. We met up with my girl friend’s friend to see the new restaurant he’s opening in Hell’s Kitchen and then swung by Pio Pio 8 for lunch. This Peruvian cuisine restaurant is beautifully decorated with the glass doors and wood trim. We shared the Arroz Chaufa (so good) and a ceviche dish with avocado. It wasn’t my favorite place, but still good at the same time.

Clinton Street Bakery

IMG_6551[1]Afternoon: We scored tickets to the limited-time Louis Vitton exhibition. A super cool and fun activity that neither of us had experienced before. To see the family history of designer and where it is today, truly was an experience. Afterwards we hopped on the train and went to Grand Central Station to hidden bar called, “The Apartment”. Step inside into the vaulted room, dimly lit only illuminated by the light shining behind the bar.

Evening: We met up with another friend of ours for dinner at Tacuba for some tacos and tequila. I had the enchiladas which were sub-par. There was laughter and so much joy between three people. It was an amazing way to end our adventure.

While there were tons a things we didn’t get a chance to do, I am grateful that I was able to getaway, even for a hot second and enjoy a city with so much pulse. Whether it’s a Tuesday or Saturday night, you can never go wrong in New York. Until next time…xoxo!


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