My Restaurant Pick-Imperial Lamian

It’s been a while but I’m back! Imperial Lamian has been on my list of places to try for a while now. This Chinese restaurant is located in Downtown River North, Chicago.

One thing that caught my attention is that they now have Happy Hour Monday – Friday 3pm to 6pm. $5 draft beers, house wines, and dim sum! That alone sealed the deal for me.

Upon walking inside, the first thing I noticed was the iron clad structures hanging from the ceiling.The earthy colors help offset the darkness from the iron. However the decor fits the theme.


The service started off a little rocky but progressively got better. While waiting for my friend no one came by to ask if I wanted water or a cocktail. I literally just sat there and it seemed like no servers were working. When my friend showed up, we asked the server if the house wine was a rosè or a red wine and he said it was rosè. So we ordered it since it was apart of happy hour, but 10 minutes later, another sever came back with a Pinot noir. Weird. We didn’t dispute, we just drank because we’re thirsty human beings. Afterwards, our new server was extremely attentive and polite.

What We Ordered:
Combination Xiao Long Baos (Shanghai, Spicy Szechuan, Gruyere, Crab, Truffle, Duck): These tasty morsels come in bright fun colors and are filled with yummy goodness.

How to eat: Bao is a soup dumpling and to eat it, you grab the Bao with your chopstick, be careful not to pop it. Place the Bao on your soup spoon and poke a small hole to allow the soup inside to spill out. Take a bite and enjoy! Each bite is an explosion of light savory flavors that warms your body. The Shanghai and duck were my favorites!


Tiger shrimp fried Rice: Super light and flavorful. However I couldn’t really taste shrimp


London Duck Wok: The wok comes with a momo wrap which is the Asian version of a tortilla. How to eat: Gently grab a wrap and add the ingredients (crispy duck, cucumbers, and scallions), roll it up, dunk it in hoisin sauce and enjoy! The Wok was a fun concept, however the duck was slight too hard for me. Props to server for giving me the heads up and me ignoring him. I would definitely try another option such as the roasted duck.


Out of all the dishes, the Bao was my favorite. Because there was only two of at dinner six baos was enough for us to get a little sample. But we could have definitely ordered a second, especially for only $12.00 that way we could try all the flavors. There were so many things on the menu that I would try, so I will definitely be back, very soon. During happy hour 🙂 Overall rating: 8 out of 10


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