Weekend in Las Vegas

Las Vegas-where you go to make bad decisions. Vegas is the one city I have yet to fall in love with. Sin City attracts all types of people from all over the world. You have your freshly 21 year olds, your high rollers, the retired couples, and of course the bachelor/bachelorette parties.For me, Vegas is good for a few things–people watching, good food, and pool parties. Nothing else good can come from this place. That’s why I recommend only going for three days,tops! Then get the hell out of there before you lose a piece of your soul.


This past Memorial Day, some friends and I celebrated my good friend Marianne’s 30th birthday. Let me tell you, it was a weekend for the books 🙂


Where We Stayed

I booked us a room at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, which is my absolute favorite hotel in Vegas. It is one of the newer properties on the strip, meaning the ventilation system in the casino is fabulous. Meaning your clothes won’t stink of smoke. The hotel also offers a plethora of upscale restaurants and clothing stores. The decor is beautiful and sleek.

I originally booked a room Terrace Studio Double Queen Beds to accommodate us five girls. I know, it sounds kind of tight. But luckily having Platinum Marriott status give me a complimentary upgrade to a Terrace One Bedroom Suite (610 sq ft). I coordinated with concierge to have gold foil balloons delivered to the room. The hotel was amazing enough to also have TWO bottles of champagne, cupcakes and little chocolates waiting for us in the room upon arrival for my friend’s birthday. Obviously, you get extra attention when you have a certain status, but the fact that they went out of their way to make my friend feel so special and appreciated, meant the world to me!


What We Did

The Chandelier Bar- One of my favorite spots in Las Vegas. This flirty bar is definitely geared towards women with the plush seating, pink-lighting and the massive dangling crystal chandelier. But don’t be fooled, the drinks are exciting and edgy. Try the Verbena cocktail at your own risk. I’ll give you a warning, your mouth will go numb.IMG_4170

Daybed at the Boulevard Pool-If you are looking to have some private space but don’t want to spend an uber amount on a Cabana, I highly suggest reserving a day bed. The beds are queen sized and can accommodate up to five people. The bed sits in the water and it comes with an umbrella.


Wet Republic Pool Party- One of the top pool parties in Las Vegas! Everyone here is gorgeous, so step up your game, brush your hair and wear the skimpiest swimsuit you can find. Your chances of landing in someone’s cabana are much greater. Otherwise you can soak in the cloudy pool water with the rest of the general population.


Magic Mike Live– I could kiss Channing Tatum for coming up with this idea. Last year, I saw the cast of Magic Mike Live perform on the Ellen Show (insert heat sweats) and I instantly knew I needed to see them. What better excuse than a monumental birthday?! Better than Thunder Down Under or any other Male Revue, The men of Magic Mike reek of sex appeal and slick dance moves. I mean they are actual professional dancers, I mean they serve up as back-up dancers for Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey. The show was incredible!



Where We Ate

Zuma– This new hot spot opened a few months ago at the Cosmopolitan. They have locations in NYC, Miami, Rome, Dubai and several other cities. The cuisine is Asian and the flavors are fantastic! The menu is reasonably priced.


Secret Pizza– Let’s be honest…”Secret Pizza” is not all that secretive. The long line kind of gives it away.  But it is worth the wait, especially at 2 AM. Luckily you can avoid the long lines by placing an order through room service for pick up!

EggSlut–  This is what you want/need to have after a solid night of drinking! I have had this spot on my list of places to eat for YEARS now. This breakfast spot is the place to be. So much that I woke up at 6:45 AM to make it downstairs by 7 AM just in time for when they open. Of course, I get there 10 minutes late and the line is already 20 people deep. The bacon is extra thick and crispy and I loved the sauce on the sandwich.


El Burro Borracho– Located in the Rio (I know, I didn’t even know it was still open) and home of the famous tin can nachos. Yes, tin can nachos! I saw an advertisement on Facebook and it made my mouth salivate. I annoyed my friends for days talking about these nachos and needless to say, they didn’t disappoint me. The cheese sauce on the chips comes out at a perfect temperature. Not too hot or too cold where it is no longer melty. Stuffed inside are all the goodies- refried beans, black beans, jalapenos, and chicken. I made my belly very happy!



Vegas offers so many different fun things to do for all ages. You have concerts, Cirque Du Solei, and gondola rides. Tell me some of your favorite things to do in Vegas. I’ll make sure to add them when I am there again. Until  next time…xoxo!

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