Why Emirates is Worth It

Emirates has just earned another loyal customer. I knew that they offered top-notch service, but I needed to experience it myself. Years ago I said that I wanted to travel to Dubai via Emirates in either Business or First Class. Once I found out I was going to Dubai, the investigating began! 

Emirates fleet consists of two main aircrafts, 777-ER or the A380. The A380 is unlike any other airplane you have ever seen. It’s the double-decker plane with first class on top. The plane comes fully equipped with a shower and spa room. You have your own private cabin with sliding doors. The food is what you would expect at a Michelin restaurant. And finally, there is a full service bar/lounge on board so you can mix and mingle with the other passengers. WHATTTT?! It’s obsurd. Business Class is just as amazing. I found a video that captures one person’s journey on Emirates and it immediately made me giddy.


While the 777 is just as nice, it does not have the double-decker, the bar, or the shower. However, you still get the private cabins.

Powered Window Shades

Chicago to Dubai only has the 777 as there isn’t enough demand. I am not going to lie, I was disappointed when I found out that I wasn’t going to be on the A380. The 777 business class seats are an angle flat, which can be slightly uncomfortable. It doesn’t have the power window shades like I saw in the video or the iPad that allows you to control the TV screen or your own personal mini bar. But had to remember the regardless, Emirates was going to be better than any other flight I had ever been on. Once I got my upgrade to Business Class, I ordered our chauffeur and took a glance at the menu for our flight. I died and went to heaven. I wanted everything that they were serving.


When I arrived at the airport, we went to the Swiss lounge. O’Hare does not have an Emirates lounge, again due to the lack of flights coming in and out of the airport. While it wasn’t the best lounge I’ve ever been in, it was plenty enough for me to enjoy.

As we boarded the plane, I strolled passed by the first class private cabins and slightly shed a tear, but then a huge smile came across my face. They had upgraded the plane so that it’s similar to the A380. Still no bar/lounge but it had gold trim everywhere! I ran to my seat and immediately started taking pictures. I needed to share this moment with everyone I knew. Yes, be jealous that I am sitting here right now!! The plane had everything that I saw in the video! I was so incredibly happy!

Starter Course
Roasted Chicken in a Mushroom Sauce with Polenta Cakes


Our flight attendant’s name was Natalia. Beautiful and polite. She offered to take pictures of me and my mom as she watched us take a million selfies. She took our drink orders with a smile on her face and said, “Welcome to Emirates.”


The 13 hour journey was like a cake walk. I used my FULLY flat seat as my bed which came with a mattress for extra comfort. Sipped on my champagne, watched three movies, and played with my Bvlgari amenity kit (perfume, lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste, sleeping mask, and socks).


Personal Mini Bar

I tried to stay up as long as I could so that I could soak in every moment because I knew flying Economy would not be the same…and I was right.


Coming back, I am pretty sure we had an older version of the 777. The seats still offered more leg room than you would find on a Domestic airline. The food was slight better also. Emirates offers complimentary internet which again puts it far ahead of any other Domestic carrier.

I love everything about Emirates. It beats any other airline there is out there. The service, the decor, the whole entire experience is what passengers should receive! Not what we are currently seeing in the media. Emirates is a knockout and I hope they expand more and more in the USA.

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