Two weeks ago I went to the infamous Coachella in Indio, CA with my girlfriends. 2017 has been the #yearof30 where we let our inhibitions go and do all the fun and wild things we’ve always wanted to do.


I have been anti-Coachella for some years now. The thought of being in a desert for three days, and possibly having to camp outside just didn’t sound all that thrilling. But seeing as I am turning 30 soon, f*** it, I said. If I am going to blow hundreds of dollars, I am going to spend it at one of the best festivals in the world. It was also enticing to hear the rumor of Beyonce headlining. Obviously, we all know how that turned out… Home girl should have told them she couldn’t perform before they announced the lineup. Shame on her.


But I digress! My best friend’s dad has a gorgeous house outside of Palm Springs and is about 5 miles away from the festival site. We all decided to purchase the general admission tickets with the shuttle pass and used it as our form of transportation to and from the festival.


What I Wore

The number one question people asked me when I told them I was going to Coachella. Let me tell you, I spent months trying to come up with the perfect outfits. I am happy to report that I think I succeeded without breaking the bank. Let’s be real here neither me or any other girl are going to look like Kendall Jenner or Vanessa Hudgens (Queen of Coachella). I’m not that rich or skinny. So I did it on an average girl’s budget. Check out my wardrobe.

Jean shorts-Etsy; Sunglasses- Ray Bans; Booties- Akira

Top: Urban Outfitters; Skirt: Lulus

Romper: Lulus

If you are thinking about attending Coachella next year, check out my pros, cons, and helpful tips.


• Young People- I was surrounded by infants. The festival is open to all ages and poor eyes had to look at 12-year-old girls wearing pasties and booty shorts. I couldn’t even attempt to have a conversation with a guy without first asking how old they are. One response was, “19 but I got my fake taken away.”

• The smoke–It was beyond awful! There was a smoke cloud everywhere we went. From all the 16 year olds smoking cigarettes to the 27-year-old hippies smoking weed and even the 50-year-old dads smoking vapes. I could barely breathe it was so awful. Seriously. I had my mom order me an inhaler it was so bad.

• Lack of places to hide out if you’re an actual adult. There were only a few tents you could go if you were 21 and older.

• Overcrowding at the water stations. Coachella offers a handful of water stations to fill up your water bottles for free. However the line can literally take over 30 minutes to get through.


• The Music– while I only knew a handful of the bands, it really helped me learn different genres of music and get to know new and fun music

• The Food-we all know I have an open love affair with food and this festival did  not disappoint. The festival offers a wide variety of different types of foods such as acai bowls to pad thai. The potsticker stand, monster fries and paella stand were all mind-blowing. I went back for seconds, as any normal human being would.

• The Craft Beer Tent. My sweet solace! It was large enough so that it didn’t feel too overcrowded like everywhere else at Coachella. The beer lines were short and quick. You also had access to free WiFi. Thank you NetFlix!

Garlic Fries


Bring a bandana–this will somewhat help you not suffocate from all the dust and smoke in the air.

VIP wristband–If you’re a legitimate adult with a real job and salary. Spend the money on a VIP wristband and separate yourself from the zoo.

Shuttle Pass– Buy one! The traffic jam in the parking lot is your worst nightmare. It was backed up for hours. At least jump on the shuttle to get yourself out of the crowds and then über from there.

Bring a fan- I brought one and it was the best decision of my life. It came with a mister and I had everyone asking me to cool them down.

Show up in the early afternoon. The sun is beating everyone up. No need to be the first one passed out. Wait until 3pm -4pm to show up.

Rent a house–Do not camp! Sorry I just think camping like that is gross. Spend the money to live indoors, have running water, and grocery shop.

Bring a water bottle. They have plenty of water stations available for free water fill-ups. Otherwise water bottles cost $2.00 per bottle. Note that the lines can be super long and sometimes in the end, it’s really not worth it.

I can see why people love Coachella so much. I would definitely consider going again. But will follow my own advice. Catch me in VIP next to Drake 🙂

4 thoughts on “C O A C H E L LA

  1. Great post, i had heard of Coachella but never really knew what it was… now i do 🙂 i am new to reader and was wondering if you would like to follow for a follow (if thats what you its called haha)


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