El Che Bar- Restaurant Pick

This month’s restaurant pick is El Che Bar. An Argentinian style restaurant located in the trendy neighborhood of West Loop. There isn’t this grand awning outside and can be easy missed. But as soon as you walk inside, you are greated a very friendly hostess. It’s hard not to smile when others smile at you. I have a new obsession with black walls and marble floors and anything gold trimmed. The decor of El Che by far exceed any wet dream I could have ever had about interior design.


The menu is laid out into four different sections- from smallest to largest and can all be shared. My friend and I decided to split about five different plates: The Chorizo Sausage, Oysters, Gnocchi, Japanese Sweet Potatoes, Bone-In Salmon Filet, and their Marshmallow Chocolate Cake. My friend had no idea about the last plate as it was a surprise for her birthday.

Chorizo sausage

The service was wonderful and the waitpr was extremely helpful when it came to selecting dishes and ordering the perfect amount of food for two starving ladies.

Japanese Sweet Potatoes

My favorite dish was definitely the chorizo, bold and filled with great flavors. My least favorite was the bone-in filet. I saw it on someone’s instagram post and it looked delicious, which would have been the cas of ours hadn’t been overcooked. Bone-in anything can be a challenge and then throw in the fact that it’s really can make it difficult.

Bone-in Fillet

Overall I would absolutely go again and would order a steak. After all that is what Argentina is known for πŸ™‚ Until next time!

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