Flannel, Fur and Fizz

So this post is SUPER late. But I’ve been pretty busy this month, planning bachelorette parties, a reunion and even suffered a death in the family. Needless to say, this was put on the back burner. But I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s Day and that my readers were spoiled rotten with flowers, wine, or cheese fries…mmmm…cheese fries!

A few weekends ago, I planned a pretty sick “Just Married” party in Park City, Utah for one of my good friends. She eloped back in October in Jackson, WY. Can I just tell you, that it could not have been anymore perfect for her?! From the dress to the overall simplicity of it all. It was very “Micaela”. Stunning!

Because of the decision to elope, we weren’t able to throw her a proper bachelorette party. But have no fear, we made up for it.


Overview: Park City is currently in its’ high season (December-March). Known for its amazing ski resorts and picturesque views, this time of year can be completely slammed. That can also mean that airfare and hotel rates are through the roof. Fortunately, for us, my friend has a killer place and could sleep up to six people comfortably.


I really wanted to create the best experience possible for my friend. I spent months researching things to go, places to eat, and gift bag items.

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Fun fact: Deer Valley Resort is the only resort in the entire United States that forbids snowboarding.

Day One

Spent the first half of the day grabbing lunch at the Spur, shopped on Main street and img_2975grabbed drinks at the No Name Saloon. I made dinner reservations at Yuki Yama. Side note-this place is FANTASTIC! Everything we had on the menu was perfection in my mouth. Our group was seated, next to a weird ass group of guys from Boise, ID. They were kind enough to not only take the champagne bottles off our table to open them for us, but they also bought us sake. I’m pretty sure I threw up in my mouth. Honestly, who likes drinking warm alcohol? img_2988Sure enough, we kept running into these guys EVERYWHERE WE WENT. I mean I know PC is small, but geez! We kicked off the evening by going back to the Spur whom recently went through a renovation and have a back bar area with live music. Shot-skiis were taken and ho-downs were thrown down.

I met a guy who at first glance, did not warrant a second. But as he approached me, my mouth literally dropped to the ground. It’s the first time I’ve been around someone who I was attracted to and wanted to have a conversation with. We spent a large chunk of the evening gazing into each others eyes and we may or may not have shared a kiss. Swoon!

Day Two

I coordinated brunch at the St. Regis Deer Valley. I had been once before on a visit, and knew that this would be a great place to start the day. I reserved a private room so that we could feel comfortable, talk, and laugh as loud as we wanted. The private space had stunning views of the city and we were able to watch all the little ski bunnies make their way down the slopes.img_3002

Private Dining Space


After brunch, we went to Deer Valley Ski Resort and suited up. Another great thing about this trip, is that the Bride’s husband works for a lodge and was able to get us free ski passes and free equipment rental.img_3014 A HUGE cost savings for all of us. While, I knew not everyone skiis, I put together some additional options so that everyone could enjoy. But Jim (Bride’s husband) is way awesome and gave the girls a bunch of gift cards to spend at the ski resort.

I’m going to make this story short. I’m not the best skiier. I will be the first to admit that. I am a new-born baby dear thrown onto some ski blades. I literally was shaking after we went down the first bunny hill. Yes, a bunny hill. Some how, some way, Jim convinced me to go on a Green Trail. img_3031About five face plants later and broken ski, we made it down, by the grace of the man above. I TUMBLED all the way down. I’m surprised nothing was broken. To make matters even better, apparently, we made a wrong turn and went left instead of right. We were on a BLUE TRAIL!!! I hate everything.

The only thing that made me feel better was watching a video of Micaela going down the hill in a fur bikini. Yes, fur bikini.


In the evening, we had dinner at Tupelo, off of Main street. I’m not going to lie, it was decent, img_3025but not anything to brag about. Also, our server was terribly rude and short. No tip for you! Just kidding…but really. We made our way back to the No Name Saloon, ripped 31 shots among 6 girls, and those are just the ones we paid for! We played a bunch of games which involved dares. Some did cartwheels, others did body shots. Needless to say, we were definitely the life of the party.

Day Three

Sunday was a much-needed spa day. We all needed to detox the 31+ shots of tequila that was done the night before. img_3048I knew that the likelihood of all of us being able to function after two nights of partying was unrealistic. Breakfast was had at the house. I called the Deer Valley Grocery Cafe to have them cater a fruit tray, bagels, and coconut yogurt for the girls. All in all, it only cost about $75, which would have been a lot less expensive then going out.

I had also coordinated a lovely spa day at the Montage. They offer day passes to the spa which allows guest access to the steam room, sauna, private hot baths, pool and fitness classes. A day pass cost $55.00 per person. I popped in the steam room and let the alcohol pour out for about 30 minutes until lunch was served.


I worked with the catering and sales team to have them setup a private lunch for the girls. Note that if you have an event at a hotel and you have under 15 people, ask to see the in-room dining menu. Most times, catering menus are setup for groups larger than 25. Anything under that amount is subject to an additional fee. Obviously with the in-room dining menu, you are held to a certain number.img_3055

I had the hotel put together some turkey club sandwiches, chips, Caesar salad, BBQ wings, a bowl of berries. PC’s alcohol laws came in handy. We were allowed to bring in our own bottle of wine and prosecco. Anything way to cut down expenses! img_3068

After a very successful weekend, the rest of the girls departed back to their homes. The next day I received a beautiful floral arrangement from Micaela’s sister, as a thank you for putting together a great weekend. It was such a pleasure creating a wonderful experience for everyone–I love event planning and hosting parties. It’s what I do best, and have some pretty ideas on how I can grow my passion.img_3044

If you are in need of some assistance planning an event, I can be contacted at Leah.johnson87@gmail.com

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