Travel Wish list

Happy February the 8th! I cannot believe we are almost half way through February.

The past few of weeks I have been really thinking about the direction my life is going in. If I have not mentioned this before, my five-year plan includes living in Paris for one to two years. I really need to bear down and start working towards my dreams in life.

Traveling has becoming such a huge passion of mine, it has slowly taken over my love for shoes. Crazy, right? At this point in my life I am traveling at least once a month, ranging from Indianapolis to Dubai.

Before I make my big journey to the France, check out some of the places that are on my wish list to visit. Where do you want to go?

Barcelona, Spain/Porto, Portugal

Maui, United States


Bordeaux/Champagne, France

Geneva, Switzerland


Montreal, Canada


Brazil, Argentina, Chile, South America

Tokyo, Japan


Phuket, Thailand





7 thoughts on “Travel Wish list

  1. That’s a great list you have going there!
    I have been to almost all of them.
    Not the Maldives yet, and Bordeaux and Chile are coming this year.
    I hope your dreams come true and you get to check some of those places off your list.


      1. I hope you do.
        They are all stunning, have been to all three. Switzerland is gorgeous but expensive. I found Japan more affordable than Switzerland. And Spain is lovely too. Like the big sister of Italy.

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      1. Oh absolutely, Per Aquum Niyama was one of our best experiences ever. Soneva Fushi for a more nature/eco-friendly type of scene, Anantara Kihavah with the underwater restaurant, Centara Ras Fushi was also quite nice. It very much depends on what you look for from the Maldives πŸ™‚


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