End of 2016 Mileage Run

Hi All!

For some of you savvy travelers out there in the world, know and understand the important of having airline or hotel status. You can earn complimentary hotel stays, access to the club lounge for free, get upgraded to first class. I mean, let’s be honest here, it is always nice to feel important.

Charles Krug Winery

My airline status belongs to American. In 2016 I had Gold status and planned to earn Platinum status by the end of the year. Typically, around September to October, I am calculating all my miles to see what I need to earn by EOY. To earn Gold you need to have traveled at least 25,000 miles. For Platinum you need 50,000. Come November, I needed around 5,000 more miles, so I started to look for cheap flights that I could take a short mileage run. Towards the end of the year, airline carriers have a fire sale. You can find a round-trip ticket from Chicago to New York for $89. I wanted to find cheap fares to the west coast so that I could earn the most amount of miles as possible without leaving the country. From ORD to SFO, you earn 1,840 one-way. I found a ticket for $127, leaving at 7:00am and departing at 11:59pm the same day. I know it sounds crazy to fly across the country and come back the same day. But, hey I want my status.

I convinced my mom to shoot for Gold status and to join me on my mileage run to San Francisco. We decided it would be fun to spend the afternoon in Napa. She had a free car rental for the day. The ONLY reason I felt comfortable with this idea is because we had so much in between time, that if we planned it right, we could really have some fun. See our itinerary below.

Croque Madame @ Bouchon Bistro


Chateau Montelena
  • 10:30am  Drive from SFO to Napa
  • 12:15pm Lunch at Bottega. Not going to lie, it’s not one of my favorite restaurants in Napa.
  • 1:30pm Wine Tasting at Chateau Montelena. Yes, this is winery that was the first American wine to beat France for best Chardonnay. Yes, they based the move, Bottle Shock after this).
  • 2:45pm Wine Tasting at Charles Krug. First time visitor and fell in love. Will definitely be back here. Great staff and healthy portions
  • 4:45pm Attempted Wine Tasting at Domaine Chandon. We will be back for you!
  • 5:00pm Appetizers at Bistro Jeanty. Should have stayed here for dinner. Great service at the bar!
  • 6:00pm Dinner at Bouchon Bistro. I had the Croque Madame which was great and super filling. The mussels were just okay.
  • 8:00pm Depart for airport



My mom and I had so much fun on this mini vacation and would absolutely do it again! The only thing I would change is having a driver, so I could drink more 🙂

Until next time babes!

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