Two Wheels vs. Four

Whenever my mom and I travel overseas together, her luggage is always overweight before we even get there. So we have to step to the side, unpack her bag with everyone watching, then reorganize everything. This is every year!

I never understand how she cannot figure it out when she’s a seasoned traveler. She claims she packed lighter than the last time, which I know is a lie! I told her to try to roll her clothes instead of folding them because it takes up less space. She did and her bag is still overweight.

When talking to my colleague about suitcases and which ones are the best. She told me that sales person at Macy’s told her to purchase a suitcase with two wheels instead of four because it gives you more space. I thought that was interesting because my suitcase has two wheels while my mom has four.

So I did some digging and found reasons why a two-wheeler can be more beneficial than four. It’s all based on preference but I think the link below will help make traveling much easier!

Two vs. Four

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