2017 Chicago Michelin Restaurant Guide

The Michelin Guide just released its 2017 list for Chicago. Two restaurants have been bumped up to the two-star rating. For those that you don’t know what a “Michelin Guide” is, good ole Wikipedia describe it as, “An annually published Michelin Red Guide, the oldest European hotel and restaurant reference guide, which awards Michelin stars for excellence to a select few establishments. The acquisition or loss of a star can have dramatic effects on the success of a restaurant. Michelin also publishes a series of general guides to countries.”

So only the best of the best restaurants can obtain Michelin status! The highest rating you can get is three stars. As you can imagine, that is extremely tough to do. Luckily, Chicago has the number one restaurant in the world, Alinea, which has earned three stars for the past five consecutive years, if not longer.

Check out the link below for the list of Chicago Michelin restaurants. I have been very fortunate to go to Alinea as well as a few others on this list, such as Acadia, El Ideas and Sepia. This will be a great guide for your next visit to the Windy City!

2017 Chicago Michelin Restaurants

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