New Definition of Open Concept

I have been dying to travel to Switzerland for quite some time now. Skiing in the Swiss Alps and swimming in Lake Geneva is something  I strive to check off my bucket list within the next five years. 

While reading Travel and Leisure, I came across the brand new hotel concept in the Swiss Alps. This newly defines the meaning of an open concept!

swiss alps
Source: Travel and Leisure

This hotel literally has no walls and your room is OUTSIDE! No bathrooms are on the premise except for a place that is about a 10 minute walk away. I honestly do not know how I feel about this. To be so open and so vulnerable is a crazy thought. But that’s the point. To be one with nature and enjoy the sights around you first-hand. My only fear would be getting attacked by a goat or some other wild animal. But obviously, if that were an issue they would not be in business.

Your “room” comes with a butler whom brings breakfast to your bed every morning. According to the article, even though you may book a room, they reserve the right to cancel the day before due to weather, so have a backup option ready!

Are you willing to stay here?!

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