How to Make a Dirty Martini

So, here’s the deal. I love Vodka, especially Titos. It’s flavorless and goes down easy. As I have gotten older, I found it increasingly difficult to go out like I used to. I never really was a fan of Vodka Cranberry or Vodka Red Bull. I drink beer way too slow for it to have any sort of affect on me. I found myself constantly wasting money on drinks that would get watered down quickly or only had minimal alcohol content at all. Damn those stingy bartenders!

I’ve searched high and low for my go-to cocktail. I love wine and all don’t get my wrong, but Vodka is my thing. It keeps me going when I’m out with friends. After a trip to Cancun two years ago, I had a bartender make me the most delicious dirty martini. I gave up the sugary daiquiris and turned to my new friend. Ever since then I always order dirty martinis.

As a newly single gal, I’ve been finding new ways to keep myself busy. I have now taken up the art of perfecting the dirty martini. By doing this, I can now make myself a quasi-restaurant quality meal and get a little buzzed at home all for free! I fully believe everyone should be able to make themselves a tasty beverage after a long day of work. Whether its Bourbon on the rocks or a Merlot. It’s important to take that YOU time.

Below is my master recipe I have crafted. My friends have backed me up that this is some good s*** right here!



  • 2 1/2 ounces of Titos Vodka
  • 2 ounces of olive brine (Use can use regular olive juice from a jar. Add extra juice if you like it extra dirty)
  • 2-3 Queen Olives Stuffed with Garlic and or Jalapenos (they add a really nice flavor outside of your standard olive)
  • Martini Shaker
  • Martini glass
  • Ice


  1. Start off by placing your martini glass in the freezer so that it is nice and chilled when ready to serve.
  2. Grab your martini shaker and load it up with ice. It doesn’t matter how much, just enough to chill the vodka.
  3. Pour the vodka and olive brine into the martini shaker and shake for about 15-20 seconds. I know that most people like to use Vermouth, but I absolutely hate it. It takes away from the flavor of the olives. It also smells weird.
  4. Pour vodka and olive brine into the martini glass. Add stuff olives and serve!

Enjoy and drink responsibly πŸ™‚ xoxo

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