Hey y’all! I’m a little late on my monthly restaurant picks. But this one is a goodie! Not too long ago, a very cute Italian restaurant opened up in the fast growing West Loop neighborhood. New chefs have been flocking to this area and have created these amazing new restaurants, and Monteverde is one not to be missed.

Before my trip to the Dominican Republic, I met up with an old colleague of mine. With both of our schedules being so busy and constantly traveling, it’s a challenge for us to get together. But when we do, it’s like nothing has changed. I suggested Monteverde as I had been trying for months to snag a reservation. I finally just made a random reservation and made my schedule fit.

Leah's Phone 271

The menu looked incredible, and they sold me when I saw that they have grandmas in the center of the restaurant making handmade pasta, I knew it was heaven. This place is more locals as again, reservations at a decent time are hard to come by, and you can adjust accordingly.

Leah's Phone 276

Check out some of these tasty dishes we had! This is a necessity in everyone’s life. Stop reading this blog. Make a reservation. Put some leggings on and splurge!

Leah's Phone 272
‘Nduja Aranchini
Leah's Phone 275
Ocean Trout
Leah's Phone 278
Lasagnette (f-ing phenomenal)



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