Park City, Utah

This past weekend’s adventures included a trip to Park City, Utah to visit my colleague friend, Micaela.

You may remember I went through a pretty tragic breakup and she jumped on a plane and was in Chicago within three days.


She moved from Chicago to Park City about three years ago to chase her dreams of being an Olympic Bobsledder. Joke. She was bored and needed something to do and someone told her she would be good at it. She asked me if I would ever visit her, I stared at her with a blank and said, “Ummm, no.”


First, let me say, I am not made for the outdoors. I will not go whitewater rafting or mountain biking. I would rather pay someone to carry me up a mountain like I am Cersai straight out of Game of Thrones. I asked her what I would even do there? It’s cold, there are Mormons and no one drinks. A total negative impression of Utah.


After she literally dropped everything to come be by my side, I knew I owed it to her to visit her. So I did! Let me tell you…I had one of the best weekends ever. The weather was perfect! 80s and sunny. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Check out some of the fun things we did and where we ate.

Hiked PC Mountain

Micaela is too good to me. She made sure we hiked the smallest mountain so she wouldn’t have to hear me complain.

It took us about 30 minutes to get to the top.


Micaela’s boyfriend’s parents live about one mile away in the same neighborhood. imageThey have a lake in their backyard plus some pretty bad ass mountains. You can paddle board or go canoeing!

Utah Olympic Park

We stopped by Micaela’s old stomping grounds and showed me the bobsled track she would go down.

We also got to see where the long jump skiers competed.

Extreme zip-lining

Micaela is currently a high-school teacher and uses her students to get her free goodies. They so happened to be working at the zip-line course. This would normally cost $150 for a tickets, but Mic threatened their grades if they wouldn’t let us down. One student replies, “Ms. Damas, you actually bring out the worst in me, in and out of school.” I died.

Shopping on Main Street

Main Street is where the Sundance Film festival is held. This is obviously a huge money maker for the city. imageRestaurants and event venues can literally shut down for the whole year because they make so much money off of Sundance. They have some amazing boutique shops that run about 6 blocks long. It’s actually pretty amazing.

Where We Ate


Silver Star Cafe

St. Regis- J&G Grill


Grocery Cafe


I had a fabulous time and am actually looking forward to my next trip! In maybe three years! Until next time…xoxo

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