One of my absolute all-time favorite books, that I want to share with you is, “#Girlboss” by Sophia Amoruso, CEO & Founder of Nasty Gal.  I read this book last year, and it has completely changed my way of thinking. Sophia is dark, charming, witty, and brilliant.She details her life starting at a young age where she’s kind of a misfit and at a certain point, a homeless teenager. She didn’t fit in with anyone, marched to her own beat, and made no apologies for it. Her list of employment ranges from a Professional Subway sandwich maker to the VP of Dumpster Diving. Eventually she learned what she was good at and what made her happy. Fashion and photography. She launched an online store through E-bay, selling vintage clothes that she would find at thrift shops and sold them for crazy amounts of money. She once stumbled across a piece of Chanel, which she bought for like $10 bucks and sold it online for over $1,000. She literally turned someone’s trash to her own prize collection.

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What made her so successful was getting to know her clientele. What they liked, what they didn’t like, their price range, and even perfected packaging/shipment for each order. The level of quality service is what helped build her an empire. Sophia saved up every single dollar earned from her E-bay store, totaling $1 million dollars from the time she started to the time she launched her Nasty Gal website. She’s now known for having the fastest growing online retailer stores.


What’s so inspiring about her, besides her charismatic personality, is her drive for success. Whatever job she had, she perfected it’s craft. No one could make a better sandwich than she could. She spent countless hours learning the details of bread-making, how much mayo to put on the sandwich, and what exact temperature is to bake the cookies to make them extra gooey and delicious. All of these methods, increased client satisfaction. She wanted to be the best

I’m currently at a stage in my life where I’ve just gotten out of a 2 1/2 year relationship, and I need to re-direct my focus on me. Not to say that I lost myself and need to find out who I am. But I need to find out what my potential is in life. I’ve stated before that I love planning events. Whether it’s a small get together at my house, or a 3,000 person Annual Conference. Do I love my current job? No. Does it have it’s perks every now and then? Of course! I’ve never known how I wanted to be successful. I never thought I want to own my own business or be a CEO of a major Corporation. I just figured if I find something that I’m good at, success should come with it. And I still feel that’s true, but success doesn’t come without hard work, drive, and a mission.


Setting goals for yourself is the absolute key to success. You have to have a vision and see it so clear that it stares right back in your face. I want a career where I can actually say I love what I do and nothing could make me happier. I want to release my inner Girlboss and tackle every single obstacle that wants to get in the way of dreams. I feel like I have lost my drive, my ambition, and have become complacent. I have the same routine every day. It’s become so monotonous and boring, I can barely stand it. I used to love getting dressed and looking my best at work. And now? I’ve actually started to consider wearing Toms as my outfit…oh how the mighty has fallen.

It’s time to put up or shut up and stop being scared. I want to ultimate happiness that life can bring me. Whether it’s a job change or moving to a different state. I’m back to being on my own and it’s time for me to shine bright like a diamond! I encourage you to do the same, and bring out your inner bitch. #Girlboss style.


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