During my extended vacay, I decided to go to Whistler in British Columbia. I have never been before, and no I’m not an avid skier. So why go, right? Well I heard so much about this magical place called Whistler, that’s supposed to be so beautiful. I figured why not. I probably won’t come back for another 10 years.

They hosted the majority of the skiing Winter Olympic events, such as cross country and long jump. I really wanted Andy to come with me, but he felt that Whistler is for avid skiers, and that is something we are not. That’s where the kink in plans started. I pictured us high on these mountains full of snow gear, taking really cute pictures. So, what do I do? I really wanted to go, and my mom said,  “Just because Andy isn’t going doesn’t mean that should stop you from doing what you want to do.” Moms and their wise words…But I took it seriously. Why should I miss out on all the fun just because Andy doesn’t want to come.

Where I stayed

I looked at hotels to see how much a room night would cost me. The Westin Resort and Spa was going for about $450 CAD. They had a SPG free nights available for 12,000 points. So I booked it-I made Andy give me his points due to the migraines he caused me. I decided to only stay one night. I felt like that would give me enough time to see and do all the activities that I wanted. Plus, I thought I would look weird floating around the town by myself. No thanks. I liked the Westin because it’s literally right in the middle of the village. All of the slopes sit right behind the hotel, which is very convenient.

Once the room was booked, I did some investigating, and found shuttle rentals that pick you up in Vancouver at the Burrad station and will drop you off directly at your hotel in Whistler for only $55 CAD. Non-round trip. Super easy. So I booked it.

Next I went on Viator and looked to see what they had available. They had snowmobile tours to snow shoeing. I priced it out and let the options marinate in my head. Then someone mentioned dog sledding! Wait what?! They actually have that in Whistler?! Ding ding ding. What an amazing idea. I love dogs, especially huskies, so I made sure to read up on the tour to see if they had any negative reviews. I also wanted to make sure that they treat their dogs properly. The tours are $378 for a two person sled. So if you’re like me and plan on riding solo, beware.

During the conference, I literally pimped myself out to people asking them what their plans were, if they were extending their stay, and casually mentioning dog sledding to see if I could generate any interest. I got a few people to go on the tour and even snagged myself a partner. So we split the cost.


While at the conference, some people gave me some ideas of things to do, such as the gondola ride. You start at Whistler and it takes you the top, where you can connect to another gondola which will take you peak to peak over to Blackcomb. That ticket is $49 CAD for the sightseeing pass.


I hopped on my shuttle, and got to the hotel close to 9pm. Whistler is approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours away from Vancouver. I checked in and was in awe. I was in a deluxe studio suite and my room was sooo bomb. I had a fireplace and kitchenette . What?! It was fabulous! It wasn’t too late, and I didn’t want to hole up in my room. So I went down to the bar in the hotel, and had my pal Javier make me the most delicious Cosmo I’ve ever had. It had some sort of orange liqueur and it tasted like pink lemonade. I asked him if there was alcohol in it, and he looked at me kind of sideways and said of course. I sipped on my drink and asked him to suggest a few places for me to eat by myself. I didn’t want to pick a fancy ass restaurant and look like a total weirdo. I’m already doing something that is COMPLETELY out of my comfort-zone. I ordered a second Cosmo and chatted with a guy from Baltimore. He and his mom were staying for a week and he makes dinner for the two of them using the little kitchenette. I mean, it’s pretty legit. Two drinks down and I was buzzing pretty hard. So I took my drunk ass to the room and got my stuff ready for the next day.

The next day, I got a quick workout in, showered up, put my snow gear on, and walked over to one of Javior’s breakfast pick, Wild Wood. One thing that I learned about Whistler is that everything is super close. My hotel was basically in the village, so the ski lifts and restaurants are within a short few minute walk from my hotel. Wild Wood is inside a nearby hotel called The Crystal Lodge. Breakfast was on point. I had a mimosa and looked at my map that I picked up from the concierge. I only had a limited amount of time until I had to check out again, and I wanted to see the Olympic Park.


After a 10 minute gaunt throughout the village, I found my rings! I have to admit, it wasn’t as cool as I was hoping it to be. Oh well.

I got back to my room, checked out, and put my stuff in storage.I walked around a little bit more. I got a few glances from people. Not sure if it’s because I was by myself or because I’m black, wearing a crazy fur hat, and am walking around a ski resort. Not sure which one stands out more.

I shopped around a bit and stopped by the Hilton, where I dog slee tour began. We hopped in a small van and drive 20 minutes south of Whistler. We pull up and see tons of dogs all leashes together waiting for our arrival. My heart melted.We sat through a quick tutorial about the sled and headed over to guide. Her name is Sierra and met the right dogs that come with . Some of the dogs were barking like crazy, others were sleeping. She said we had the fastest group of dogs, which made me really excited. We introduced ourselves to the dogs. Let them sniff us. Some gave us kisses and jumped on us.

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