NYE 2016- Cancun, Mexico

Happy New Year everyone!!

I hope you all had a fabulous time celebrating the new year! I finally made it to Cancun Wednesday evening at 7pm. I learned that my boyfriend waited for me at the airport for two and a half hours, not know that I had missed my connecting flight and wasn’t coming in until later. So he had to take a taxi from the airport to the hotel which ended up being around $100. Needless to say, he wasn’t very happy.


The resort is adults-only all-inclusive located about 30 minutes north of downtown Cancun. It has nine restaurants, four different pools, five bars, and a smoothie bar. It also comes fully equipped gym and studio for yoga and Pilates.

Junior Suite



Because there are so many restaurants, we’ll have appetizers at one place and then have dinner at the another. The restaurants do have strict dress codes-casual or formal. Last year, Andy was defiant and refused to bring dress slacks to wear at dinner. Sure enough, he was turned away multiple times and he finally purchased a pair of linen pants at the gift shop. He never listens. This year, he was fully prepared since he had all of his nice casual clothes from South of France.

Day 1

Once I arrived at Exellence Playa Mujeres, I got to my room, I found Andy and we shared our traveling stories and then headed to the Martini Bar, and met up with some of our friends.

Andy and I made friends with a group of people last year, at the same resort and played volleyball with them. Correction: Andy played volleyball with them. I drank at the pool bar. They called themselves team tequila. We briefly caught up and then made our way to dinner at the Lobster house. I had one and Andy had two.


Dinner was delicious as always. We had another drink at the X Lounge bar and then called it a night.

Day 2- New Years Eve

My cousins arrived around 2pm and met us at the pool.ย We introduced them to our friends. Everyone was so nice and made sure to include them in everything. We filled them in on what happens for NYE and what happened last year. This was our second year celebrating NYE in Mexico, and it definitely won’t be the last. The hotel puts on a huge party for all their guests at their convention center across the street. They have a cocktail hour, a four course dinner along with live entertainment. The theme for the party was Elements: Water, Earth, Wind and Fire. All of the staff was dressed to the nines. They had what looked like a water girl swaying on the bar. They had a white room which I guess would be considered wind? We munched on some appetizers and sipped on their specialty cocktails and mingled with our friends.


After dinner, they staff brings everyone back over to the theater back at the resort. There is a DJ, props, champagne (yum) and a dance floor. The group of us did a couple of shots and wiggled on the dance floor. It was honestly sooooo nice not having to worry about what I’m going to do for NYE. It normally is never fun for me. The weather sucks in Chicago. Trying to find a cab is a nightmare. My friends normally black out by 10pm and I’m stuck taking care of them. So going to Mexico is the perfect way to celebrate!


The party was wild! Andy danced on the stage by himself and then did the worm on the dance floor. I ran around in circles, collecting confetti and threw it in the air. It was a hot mess but the best time ever!

Day 3

We spent most of the day recovering. I got up around 8:30 AM and saved some chairs by the pool. Because by 7:30 AM most of them are taken. Seriously?! Andy played beach volleyball most of the day. I sat at the pool bar and did shots with the staff. For lunch, they have a brick oven and they make killer pizzas! There’s always a line. So I nuzzle up real close to Enrique, the pizza guy and he always hooks me up with a pizza relatively quickly. Shout out to Enrique!!! We decided to do Indian for dinner at Basmati. This is one of our favorite restaurants. I had never tried Indian until I came here. Not sure how authentic it is, but it’s fabulous!! We had dinner with my cousins, mom and her boyfriend Shaun. It was a great time being able to get us all together!


Day 4

I got up at 7:30 AM this time and got us great spots by the pool. Andy and I got our fat butts up and did yoga on the beach! It was perfect weather, and really great to get a good stretch in. I had breakfast at Toscana. They normally have buffets in the morning and my girl Elena makes the most outstanding omelettes. I mean it’s fucking perfect. It was hotter earlier in the day, so we spent most of the day in the pool drinking shots at the bar. This is where I get in trouble. The staff makes these crazy good shots that taste like blue icies or Cinnamon Toast Crunch. So by the time I’m ready to get out of the pool, I’ve forgotten how to swim because! We all attempted to play volleyball. The one time I decided to join in, I literally got smacked in the face with the ball. I sat out after that…


For dinner, we started at Agave for appetizers and had the Aztec soup and some Oaxaca. Had a couple of drinks and smokes a hookah, then made our way back over to the Lobster house. Drool.


Day 5

It was Andy’s last day in Mexico. I grabbed an omelette at the Toscana Grill and recovered from a rough day of day drinking the day before. Andy packed his bag and watch some football at the Sportsbar. When it was time for his departure, I walked him back to the lobby for his car pick-up, and we said our goodbyes. As I walked back inside and turned around to get one last glimpse as he drove by, I saw his little head stick out of the window and say goodbye. My heart broke and I cried. It’s not like I’m never going to see him again. But it was like in a movie, when your best friend moves away and they wave goodbye. I felt like he was leaving me. I was so sad for hours I thought about him and how the rest of the trip wouldn’t be the same. Sure enough everyone else felt the same way. Andy has a way of being obnoxious but in a way that always puts a smile on your face. Conversations are never dull with him around, and that’s another reason why I love traveling with him. We’ve met so many great people because he wants to know everything about you and will talk your ear off.

Overall, we had an amazing time. It was a great way to end the year and kick off the new one feeling refreshed! Please please please check this place out of you’re considering going to Cancun.

NYE Resolution

For 2016, my new year’s resolution is to find a charity that I am passionate about and commit myself to it. There is a lot of good that can be done in the world and I want to be a part of it. I also want to fully commit to taking better care of myself. Living a healthy lifestyle is extremely important to me. Whether that’s taking more vitamins, taking better care of my skin, etc. I want to be the healthiest person I can person I can possibly be.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2016! Until next time! Xoxo

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