Holiday Vacay-On Hold

So this has been a shit start to my holiday vacation. I’m supposed to be in Cancun, Mexico right now. But due to Mother Nature and her crazy mood swings, Chicago got hit with a massive storm on Monday and cancelled over 2,000 flights over the past few days, making O’Hare a mad house.

My flight was on-time, departing at 8:25 AM. However I got to the airport at 7:15 thinking I would be alright with my pre-check. But no. I got to the counter to check my bag and they said that it was too late. I said, “What does that even mean? My flight  doesn’t leave for another 50 min.” She said due to international flights, bags have to be checked in earlier. Who knew?! She asked if I had to check my bag, and I told her to look at it. It’s half the size of me. So I started to cry. More so I was scared to tell my mom I fucked up and wouldn’t make the flight. That scared me more than anything.

The face of a very unhappy camper
The face of a very unhappy camper

The ticket agent and her counter part watched me cry and started working frivolously. They got me on a flight to Dallas that would connect to Cancun. Great! I get to my gate and we board. Then I noticed the gate hadn’t closed. So I text my boyfriend asking his status. He decided to take Southwest while I’m on American. The captain comes on over the microphone and says that they’re fueling up and need to defrost the plane. My flight from Dallas was scheduled to leave at 12:05, and our plane was scheduled to arrive at 11:25. I asked the flight attendant of she thought I was going to make it and she said it was going to be tight. I immediately start to panic and then pop a Xanax to cool my nerves.

Sure enough, we land and I missed my connecting flight. So now I’m at the airport waiting for my 2pm flight. While the rest of the crew should be on their way to the resort. Sooooo pissed. But it could be worse. I have to keep telling myself that. Thousands of people have been stranded at O’Hare for days. Soon enough I’ll be on the beach forgetting this all happened. Ughhhh. Until next time…xoxo

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