For Locals Only

Holidays is the best time of year to get down on some great food, while spending quality time with friends and family. 

San Soo Gab San

Yesterday I had Korean BBQ with a few of my girlfriends. It was my first time going to a traditional Korean restaurant and it was absolutely amazing. The restaurant is located in Lincoln Square. All you locals out there are relatively familiar with the Chicago neighborhood. From what I hear, the restaurant scene is up and coming. I personally don’t make my way in that direction-too far and boring, but will go anywhere to meet my friends.


The majority of the menu was in Korean, but it had some translation in English with a few pictures. But I turned to my friend Cat, and told her to order for us. We’re all fat here and love food. So whatever you put in front of us, we’ll eat.


If I try to even semi-pronounce/type the names of what we ate, I will butcher the names of what we ate, so enjoy a few pictures below.


My friend ordered some marinated raw meat, that we get to cook ourselves over an open frame. They also give you a ton of small dishes, filled with pickled vegetables, sauces and kimchi to fill a piece of lettuce and eat with the meat. imageimage

We devoured it all! All the food was so fresh and filled with so much flavor and life. I never would have tried it if it weren’t for my friend. So thanks, girlfrand!


The Angry Crab

The SAME day, I took my Dad out for dinner. A couple of months ago, I looked up new Chicago restaurants. I came across the Angry Crab. This place is unlike any other in the city. It’s small and kind of a dive.  I decided to take my dad, because he loves food just as much as I do, and he lovesssss fresh seafood.


It seats maybe 80 people and they do not take reservations. The wait can go as long as two hours before you are seated. And at any point in time, if they sell out of items on the menu or if it’s just too crowded, they will stop letting people in. The atmosphere is bumpin’. They have all different kinds of music playing with tvs all around.


I don’t know how else to describe the food besides seafood in a bag. I’m sure there is a proper name for it. But who cares. This shit is soooooo good. Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick what you want to eat. From 2 lb Dungeness crab, King crab legs, lobster claws, lobster tails, crawfish, while shrimp, headless shrimp, blue crab, oysters and mussels.
  2. Pick your flavor. Choose from lemon pepper, garlic and butter, or Cajun. Or pick all three called the maniac.
  3. Pick the level of spiciness. Decide between 1-4 for the heat factor.
  4. Add on. You can include an ear of corn, andouille sausage and or potatoes to your bag of goodness.


I picked the king crab legs, lobster claws, garlic fries, two sausages, an ear of corn, maniac flavor, and level 2 spiciness. My dad went with the mussels, whole shrimp, two sausage, and an ear of corn. This place is byob, so we bought a case of mini bottles and waited for our food to come out. Despite the wait outside, it didn’t take long for the food to come out. First was the garlic fries. Loaded with fresh garlic and a little cheese, it exploded with flavor and kicked started our appetites for the main course.


Next was our bag of goodies. Before we dug in, we put on our bibs (yes, it is completely necessary to wear them), took some before pictures, and then cleared the table.


About 40 minutes later, my dad was dripping with sweat from his head and I unbuttoned my pants. We successfully ate everything and did it with a smile on our faces.


You have the eat the food fast, while it is hot and fresh. The mussels were fire. The biggest mussels I have ever see and were so good in the sauce! My lobster claws and crab legs were hugeeee! I had a hard time eating them, only because it’s just so messy and you can’t you the crackers because they would slip out of my hands. So bring gloves!!

Both very different restaurants but you can’t go wrong at either one. Just make sure to wear stretchy pants and bring an appetite.

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