Date Night

My boyfriend Andy is constantly traveling for his job. He flys to and from California Monday through Thursday.Β 

Because of his line of work he has a contract to fulfill, this one in particular goes until August 2016 with a possible year-long extension. That means I spend most of my time at home alone during the week. At first, I was a little nervous and sad about it. I’m a chicken shit and get scared of the dark and think I hear noises at night. So being by myself really wasn’t ideal.


After a four-month trial, I am rocking it! I love being home by myself. I get to be as messy as I want, I can watch whatever junk TV I want, and I can wake up early to work out and not have to worry about waking him up.

Even though there are tons of perks, I don’t want to risk losing the spice in our relationship. Keeping things sexy and fun is crucial to a relationship, especially when it’s long-distance. I need my man to miss me when he’s traveling, to miss my cooking, and miss spending time with me. That way his homecoming is even sweeter.


A lightbulb went off. I decided I’m going to dress up, make a three-course dinner, and spend quality time with him, once a month. No TV. No cellphones. Only dim lights, candles, and Adele playing in the background.


I pulled out our fancy dishware and served our favorite extra dirty martinis, a blt chopped salad, pan seared scallops with a bacon cream sauce, and for dessert banana pecan bread pudding with fireball whiskey caramel sauce.

Of course I pulled all these recipes from Pinterest. Not ashamed! Check them out below.




Next time your man comes home, surprise him with a restaurant style dinner. Dress in your most flattering clothes. His mouth will drop when you walk over to him in your sexy heels with a scotch in hand. Get em ladies!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays!

3 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. I love this! My husband, JP, used to do shift work and at first I hated being home alone at night. However, like you, I grew to love it! Now we are on the same shift again, which is great, but you have provided some great tips to keep things sexy even while apart πŸ™‚


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