L.A. to the City pt. 3

So you will notice that I changed the title of this blog from San Fran to The City. Apparently people that live here do not like the term San Fran and call it The City. Duly noted.

imageSaturday was our free day to hang around the Bay. We had breakfast at the concierge lounge and made our way towards China Town. This particular Chinatown is the largest Chinatown in the United States. Even though I’ve been to The City a handful of times before, I’ve never gone to Chinatown.


I really wanted to get some authentic Chinese food and I pick the most basic place you could fine. But the fried rice and potstickers were bomb.


we walk towards Fisherman’s wharf and stop through Little Italy.  We find this place cute place, I can’t remember the name, but it’s off Columbus street. We stop and have some wine and pizza. It honestly reminded me of Europe! The sun was out and shining bright in our face. It made 57 degrees feel like 70.

image image imageWe make it The Wharf and go to Ghirardelli Square. The factory no longer offers tours but they have an amazing chocolate shop that serves sundaes and banana splits. Me being the gross person that I am, cannot turn down a sundae. Andy wanders around watching some of the staff make fresh chocolate bars while I munch away.

imageIn the evening, we met with some of Andy’s friends and have dinner at this restaurant called Belga. Obviously it serves Belgian and some French style food and beer. We order the mussel and frites, which is what they are known for and I order the half chicken with Kale and Andy has the Coronade short ribs. Coronade is type of thick stew. Sooooooo good! Highly recommend to anyone that is just a tourist or even lives in the area.

image image image

We stop at a bar next door called Bar One and it’s like school kid’s playground. They have skeet ball, beer pong tables, and darts! It was nice hanging out with locals and being away from all the tourists.

Overall it was enjoyable day, hanging out with my man and wandering the streets together.  Tomorrow it’s the Packers/Raiders game, and it’s supposed to rain. I already now I’m going to be a crabby bitch. Watch out Oakland!

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