L.A. to San Fran pt. 2

After six hours of driving-includes three pit stops. We finally made it to San Francisco. imageI had to listen to Andy play Christmas songs the whole way 😦 Call me Scrooge but I’m so f-info sick of Christmas songs! It’s the same shit on repeat and I’m about to freak out. Plus he felt the need to speak in a Boston/Australian accent the whole way. I was this close to jumping out of the car.


I grabbed a drink at the bar while he returned the rental car. We stopped by the concierge lounge and grabbed some dinner then made our way towards the Bart to go to the Warriors/Bucks game. The Bart is a public transportation system that takes you to the airport to Oakland. All fares are based on where you are going. So for a one-way trip to the Coliseum it is $4.05. The train ride was only 25 minutes and extremely convenient. We get off the train and it’s down pouring! I was not prepared at all. I don’t have an umbrella, no hat on my head, and I am wearing my Tory Burch flats. Pissed.


We get to the stadium, the energy is amazing and the game was super fun. Warriors won and Andy sulked. We take the Bart back to our hotel which stopped  only a block away.  Andy heads to bed and I make my way up to the rooftop bar called the View. It’s almost a 360 view of the city. All I hear is fist pumping music and tons of people. I slither my way to the bar and grab a seat and order an extra dirty vodka Titos martini. I prefer Titos because it’s corn-based and it doesn’t give me a hangover. I sip my drink while people watching. The best is drinking at a bar by yourself because no one will bother you. They’re wondering why you’re there by yourself and you wonder why they’re wearing that outfit. Everyone leaves you alone.

Saturday is our free day and we’re going to China town and Fisherman’s Wharf. Stay tuned…

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