L.A. to San Fran

My boyfriend and I are celebrating Christmas by driving from L.A. to San Francisco up Pacific Coast highway!It just so happens that all of the Wisconsin pro-sports happen to be in town this weekend, so we are going to the Golden State Warriors/Milwaukee Bucks basketball game and the Greenbay Packers/Oakland Raiders football game. This was supposed to be our gifts to each other, but it suddenly feels like a “coincidental” vacation.

imageAndy was kind enough to buy me a first class ticket to L.A. I honestly felt like a superstar. It’s not often people get to sit in first class. So I milked it for all its worth. We had chicken breast, risotto, salad, and hummus for dinner. I also indulged in a Bloody Mary and watch the movie Trainwreck. It’s funny but not that great.

imageI landed around 7pm and Andy picked me up from the airport. By the way, whoever designed LAX should be stoned. So inconvient and a total cluster like the rest of L.A. We head up to Santa Rosa where we stay at the Santa Ynez Marriott for the night.

imageFor those that don’t know highway 1 or Pacific Coast Highway goes all the way from California to Vancouver. Filled with winding roads, views of the ocean and mountains. It’s truly spectacular.

Santa Ynez Marriott

We are now getting ready to make the rest of the drive to San Fran. It should be about  a five hour drive. I’ll check in later with more updates bout our trip!

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