Hot Chocolate and Bailey’s

Hello hello everyone! As you all know the holidays are around the corner. And that means I’m literally broke for the next two months. I’m horrible at Christmas shopping. I wait until the last-minute, most times to buy gifts. Lately I’ve been better at taking advantage of the Black Friday deals, which helps. I make a list that includes what gifts I’m getting them, the cost, and what discounts I can find online so I can save money. This year, I did fantastic! I saved about $200 by finding random discounts and free shipping online.


My boyfriend is pretty easy to shop for. The guy that wants nothing. So anything to him is a good gift. He had tons of family though, and we’re far enough into our relationship where I want to buy them gifts because I don’t see them during the holidays. His parents are divorced and remarried with kids on each side. He’s the second eldest out of seven!! There’s no way I’m going to buy each person in the family a gift. So I have to be crafty and think of ways they could share a gift that isn’t too costly from me. I can’t spend more on one gift than I do the other. It has to be completely fair.

Last year I shipped them boxes of Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza, Giordano’s. I figured it would be nice to just throw some pizza in the oven after all the cooking that’s been done over the holidays. Plus who doesn’t like deep dish?!

imageThis year one side of his family is getting Garrett’s popcorn, another Chicago staple. The other side I’m making hot chocolate and Bailey’s packages. I saw the idea years ago on Pinterest. I was hoping I could just buy them somewhere, but had a hard time finding them. So I got crafty and found a way to do it myself. It was super easy to replicate. The only thing I struggled with were getting the mini bottles of Baileys. They don’t sell little bottles in liquor stores in the city. I found a place in California nearby my boyfriend’s job. So I made him run out and buy some for me and bring it back, so I wouldn’t have to pay shipping fees.


I hope I’m not being cheap, but at this point, I gotta get it done. I hope you all have some fun family gifts in mind! Please feel free to share them with me…so I can steal them for next year!

30-Day Gallon Water a Challenge Update

Week 0
Week 1
Week 1
Week 2
Week 2

Here’s a quick update on my 30 day challenge.

Week 1: I made it through the first week drinking a gallon on water every day. My face went through the breakout my phase, pushing out all the toxins. Also, my bladder constantly felt like it’s going to explode. I pee every 30 minutes. Literally. I time it every time I have to go. And it’s like a waterfall.
Week 2: my face has cleared up pretty well! It went from super dry and cracked to a nice dewy texture. I also want to think my skin is brighter, but I could really be making that up. I haven’t noticed anything else quite yet. But if I do, I will let you all know.

Until next time…xoxo!

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