Kai Zan

Friday night, I went out with one of my girlfriend’s for a belated birthday dinner. We went to one of my favorite places in Chicago, Kai Zan



Located in Ukrainian Village, the restaurant is small and seats no more than 30 people. The outside looks like a little hut and could easily be passed up on the street. Known for their Omakase style cuisine, Melvin and Carlo Vizconde (twin brothers and chefs) have created drool worthy meals. From tuna belly sushi to escolar pearls. I have found my nirvana.

Raw Waygu Sushi with shaved black truffle

If you’re from Chicago or just visiting, I promise you that this place is beyond worth it. If you’re looking for non-tourist trap and quaint neighborhood, this is definitely for you. You can make reservations easily and the average joe-shmoe can afford the prices. Check out one my favorite picks!

Maguro Pearls and Hotate Skewers
Maguro Pearls and Hotate Skewers

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