“How To” Make the Most of Your Points and Travel for Free!

Everyone loves free things. I know I do. My money is extremely important to me, and over the years I’ve gotten better about spending my money wisely. I don’t shop nearly as much and when I do, I make sure that I’m buying something that I need and that I 100% love it. I do have a weakness for shoes. But after reading my all-time favorite book, #GirlBoss, I have learned, “Money looks better in my bank account than on my feet.” I will be living by this motto until the day I die. With that being said, I was on Facebook and I saw a post from this group called The Points Guy. I know I’m a little late and that everyone has heard about him except me, but he is filled with useful information on how to be the best traveler you can be, and for free!


I can sit here and pretend I’m this travel gu-ru. But I’m not. I’m learning every day about taking advantage of using points. This dude is a genius. I’ve been reading stories on how he’s helped people travel the Maldives, flew first class in Emirates, and stayed in a bungalow on the water…FOR FREE! That is literally my ideal vacation. If and when I ever get married, I will spend my honeymoon in the Maldives in my own private villa…with a butler.


He explains the different methods that will allow you to maximize as many points as possible. Whether that’s opening a specific credit card that will get you 50,000 miles or going through online mileage malls and collecting points. There are so many different ways where you can earn airline and hotel points. If you love traveling like I do, this is sooooo beneficial. I will tell you this, never again will I travel internationally and not be in first class. I’m only doing myself a disservice, so I need to take advantage.


Every day TPG releases new articles about the latest and greatest that’s going on in the world, from airline partnerships, hotels buying each other out. It’s super informative and my new obsession. I’m sure whoever this guy is, is getting paid bucco bucks to promote airliners, but I like it because it’s not biased information. He doesn’t spend time only talking about his favorite airline or hotel brand. When I first visited the site, there’s tons of content. Almost to the point where it’s slightly overwhelming. But once you’ve spent some time, you’ll see it offers amazingly useful tools and resources. They have this program called Wallet Maximizer. You select what types of credit cards you have, link them to your online account using a secure site, and it will tell you how much money you can save either using your current credit cards or by using their recommended options.

I will be spending all weekend tooling around this site and daydreaming of my next vacation sitting in first class! Hope you guys find this as helpful as I do!

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