“How To” Get a Cheap Flight to Europe

My boyfriend and I try to go to Europe once a year. We love the culture, the food, the people. Everything. As you know, going to Europe can some times put a dent in your pocket. And you have to decide, do you want to purchase an airline ticket so you can get points and use on your next vacation? Or do you use your points and save money. 1st world problems, right?

We’ve done some research on how to save money on flights to Europe. When is the best time to book flights during the week, how far out, and what cities are the best. For us, it’s important to have a non-stop flight. Note that there is a difference between non-stop and direct. Non-stop is when your flight gets you from point A to point B with no stops in between. Direct is when you make a stop but do not get off the plane. So pay close attention when booking your flight.

So we researched best non-stop flights from Chicago to Europe and stumbled upon a great website, Price of Travel. It lays out the four largest cities in the United States, and which city offers cheap flights and also non-stop options. You can use this a guide to help plan your next trip to Europe, and what cities you can coordinate.

Our next vacation will be Amsterdam, Germany (Munich & Berlin), Czech Republic (Prague), Austria (Vienna), and Hungary (Budapest). I’ve never been to any of the cities, but I cannot absolutely wait! If you’ve been before, please share some recommendations on things to do, where to stay, and places to eat (nom nom nom).

If you’re a penny-pincher, like me, and love to save money, check out these sites below that will help you secure the best flight option possible!  Regardless of where you’re traveling. Until next time…xoxo

Best Time to Book Flights

When Should you Book Your Travel?

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