A Knight to Remember

Over the weekend, one of my childhood friends got married. I was lucky enough to be  a bridesmaid and share this happy occasion with her. I must say, not only was she stunning, but also super crafty. I mean, literally did everything herself. From setting up a bar outside, buying the drinks, making her own cake with edible leaves, and putting together the bouquets. EVERYTHING! I now know, deep down in my heart. I will spend every penny I have on a wedding planner to NOT do what she did. I was freaking out just looking at everything. I mean I can’t even cut a straight line, nonetheless cut letters out of burlap to spell my name. image

The day went quickly, as most weddings do. All the bridesmaids arrived at the house around 9am. We put on our matching robes, set up the mimosa bar and breakfast table. We helped finish setting up the reception area and front tables with the seating arrangements. We did our best to keep the bride from freaking out, which was easy as she is very simple and easy-going. Hair and make-up went, floral arrangements were completed. Busy-bees all around. imageimage

First look photos were done. Not sure how I feel about them. Thoughts? I want to see the expression on my husband’s face for the first time as I am walking down the aisle. To me, that seems more special. But it seems like first looks, are becoming more common. We snuck the bride out from behind the house and jumped in a shuttle to take us to the bottom of the hill/driveway. We hid inside the tent until the time came. Seeing my friend of almost 20 years was beyond an emotional experience. No words to explain how happy I was to see her glowing and marrying the man of her dreams.image

Once we finished with pictures, we sat down at the head table with our significant others. A fabulous idea, so they don’t feel left out. My friend had a roasted pig, which was fucking amazing. If you live in Illinois, order a juicy pig from Imboden’s. They didn’t have the head on and they kept the pig in the back to be respectful for the vegetarians out there. We drank and danced the night away. imageimage

It was a beautiful ceremony, with great weather, filled with love in the air.


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