Euro trip- Rome Day 1

Rome day 1. Our train to Rome left around 11:30am. Tickets were only $32 and the ride itself is only an hour and a half. Since its so easy to get to, they have many trains running all throughout the day. Andy and I had seats to ourselves this time.

We arrive in Rome around 1:15pm, and we walk less than a mile to our hotel. I picked this hotel because I had stayed there two years ago. The beds were comfortable, it’s in a good location, and it also has a rooftop, which I was not able to enjoy the last time I was here.

We checked in, and waited for my mom to arrive. She refuses to be seen carrying her luggage anywhere, if she can help it. So she ordered a car. Andy and I go up to the rooftop and wait for her arrival. We split a Margherita pizza and a Caprese salad.

This was an open day for us, so we could do whatever we wanted. I missed the colosseum the last time I was here, so that was on my to-do list. Since I wasn’t sure what our game plan was, I did not purchase my ticket in advance. Which was a mistake on my part. We buy a hop-on hop-off pass for the afternoon. This is a great inexpensive way to get around a large city such as Rome, when all the sites a spread out.

We ride around to the third stop, and arrive at the Colosseum. It’s everything I had ever imagined and more. To actually see it in front of you, and know that you are walking on ancient grounds really is surreal. Back in the day, the Colosseum could hold up to 40,000-60,000 people!
Andy splits off and does his own thing. Mom and I jump back on the bus and ride around back to our hotel. We find an old market store we stumbled upon two years ago. Mom buys some honey, olive oil and other goods while I have a panini and a cappuccino.


We meet up with Andy and have another drink at the rooftop and then make our way down the street for dinner.
We were able to snag a table at the Alessio which is right around the corner from our hotel. They have outdoor seating under tree lights and also indoor seating. We share a plate of fritto mists and prosciutto e mozzarella. Not as good as the one in Florence. We share mom’s Saltimbucco, and my pasta and Andy’s pizza. The quality of service unfortunately went down as the evening progressed. But overall still a great spot to eat! Tomorrow is a full day trip to Capri! Can’t wait to share.

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