Euro trip- Florence Day 2

Day number two. We grab breakfast and jet off around Florence. We walk around, stumbling into different clothing shops. We walk past the Accademia museum where the statue of David can be found. Note to those who have not been, I strongly encourage that you purchase a guided tour. That way you can jump the line versus waiting forever. It’s also nice having someone explain the history of the artwork.


We spend time weaving through the streets and entering the Mercanto Centrel. Similar to a Reading Terminal in Philadelphia, you can purchase fresh cuts of meat and fish from different markets. Tons of shops had little bottles of energy, olive oil, sweets, and spices. I bought EVOO and a bag of risotto with spices. I could easy spend hours smelling the fresh produce. 


We head back to the hotel to change and to meet our tour guide for the wine tasting. I found this half day Chianti tour through Viator. The tour was only $46 for 5 hours and it accommodates approximately 70 people on the bus. We went to the fit stop at the Castello di Quarcerto vineyard. The vineyard is about an hour drive from city centre. They were the first family (originally from France) to begin wine-making in the region. The castle is nestled on top of a hill, overlooking many other homes and rolling hills. The property has peacocks and roses floating all around.


We learn about their wine making process, and take a in-depth look at their cellar. The family has been produced wine since the late 1800’s and we were able to see bottles dated back from 1904-present. We stepped into a large space where we had a little snack and our first tasting waiting for us. Two different types of bread, salami and pecorino. The first tasting was a Spumante (sparkling wine). We engage in a conversation with women from London and Ohio! See sip through our next four tastings. All had healthy pours. Not nearly as stingy as Napa or Sonoma. The hosts were pleasant and entertaining. Andy and I walk out with 4 bottles of Chianti wines. All under €70! We found that the bottles are much less expensive here than in the States. Probably because wine is gown aver talk and is easily accessible, where it’s more difficult to grow in certain parts of the U.S.



We jump back on the bus and head towards the small town of Greve. Greve is about a 30 minute drive from the castle. We have about 30 minutes to roam around and stop at the little shops. Greve has a population of 14,000 so it is not difficult to walk through. I grab a small slice of pizza and pop my head in different wine shops.


We disembark the bus and head back to the hotel to drop off our belongings. Andy and I branch off on our own for dinner and find a quaint spot called Planz. It was nice to spend an evening with him, hold hands, and basque in moonlight. We have one more leg in our vacation. If you all have any questions regarding the cities that I have been to, please feel free to ask in the comments below, or to email me at Lots of love!

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