Euro trip- Venice Day 1

On the 21st, we departed for Venice. We booked a flight on EasyJet for under $75. It was the only direct flight I could find that was direct. Taking the train would have taken us over 10 hours, and we were already on a time crunch.


I was nervous about flying EasyJet. I mean the name alone sounds shady. It reminded me of Spirit. An airline that is super cheap and have to pay multiple fees. I’ve never flown Spirit, and I never will. But after talking to my co-worker who is from Italy, said that EasyJet is a commonly used airline in Europe, and flights just tend to be less expensive on European aircrafts.


The airport is about. 15-20 minute drive from the hotel. I pre-paid for our bags, and had a speedy pass, so we by-passed the long lines. Security was quick and boarded the plane shortly after.


The flight from Nice to Venice is only a 45 minute flight. We didn’t have to go through customs and we were able to grab our luggage relatively quickly. We then had to decide if we should take a water taxi or a bus to our hotel. My co-worker’s husband is from Venice and gave us some great insight on how to get around and things to do. He recommended that we take the water taxi and that will drop us off right at our hotel. It’s about 15 euros and a 45 minute ride. When we walked up to the ticket counter and I showed her where our hotel was located, she told us to take the bus. About a 20 minute ride. We were confused, but decided to follow her direction.

The bus ride was easy and dropped us off at Piazza Roma. I miscalculated where our hotel was located. We stopped and ask for directions from a few people and then made our way. We were told to take the water taxi to S. Star. Water taxi rides for one hour are 7.50 euros. A 24 hour pass is 21 euros. A private water taxi is about 60-80 euros. Depending on the company you use. We couldn’t figure out how to use the ticket machine as the credit card screen was in Italian and asked for a pin…the captain was nice enough to let us board for free.
We get off at S. Stae and hour hotel, Palazzo Giovanelli was right next door. Our hotel was beautiful! Marble floors and gold framed glass windows. I could have a cried! Our room had beautiful art work and wooden beams in the ceilings.

imageWe had about an hour before we were to meet my mom for dinner. My co-worker’s husband recommended a restaurant called Osteria ai DoFarai. Tucked away in the Accademia district, surrounded by winding allies. For those of you that haven’t been to Venice before, like me, Venice is built on water. So there are no cars. The only way to get around is by the canals or by walking. The streets are like a maze. There are dead ends and its hard to read the street signs. It’s very difficult to get around. But that’s also the pleasure of being a tourist. You’re supposed to get lost in the city and explore new areas. That’s the best part about traveling. However, getting lost in dark allies, is NOT my idea of fun.


So we take the water taxi to the Rezzonica stop, and again, no one asked for our tickets, lucky us! We take a short five minute walk to the restaurant where they have indoor and outdoor seating. The host takes us outside and seats at one of the 10 tables. The area is dimly lit but has a romantic atmosphere. We wait patiently for my mom to arrive, but remember her map reading skills aren’t that great. The likelihood of her not showing up are pretty great. So we order without it. In walks the grizzly white hair man. I immediately recognize him from pictures. He’s the owner and chef of the restaurant. The food is phenomenal! The seafood was freshly and aromatic. The house wine was excellent and the company was even better. We had the chance to chat with the owner and watch him float about to different tables speaking different languages. The restaurant was authentic and affordable. Another Leah recommendation.

We ended the evening with some gelato in Santa Margherita, and taxi’d back to the hotel. Again for free! We must have some good karma!

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