Euro trip- French Riviera Day 3

Happy Birthday to me!!!

The other day, I celebrated my 28th birthday. Normally I’m counting down the days, (remember I love birthdays) but this time I was so relaxed it kind of slipped my mind.


We started off the day with a quick breakfast, and dashed out around 9am. My loving and gracious boyfriend got me a private yacht tour for my birthday. I found the tour through Viator. I’m not going to mention the price as this was a gift. However, I will say, it’s a flat fee. So the more people you have the least expensive it becomes.


It took us a while to find the dock, as the numbers are extremely hard to find and not many of the harbor crew members spoke english. Also, our boat wasn’t even there when we got there. As he pulled up and verified that this was our boat, we boarded the 50 ft yacht with a cabin took us out on the Mediterranean. We coasted through Cap de Nice and anchored in the little village of Villafrance Sur Mer. All along the coast were colorful homes and tiny restaurants.

We stopped and enjoyed some champagne and got swam for a bit. Well, Andy swam for a bit. I squirmed around and shrieked a couple of times. Not being able to see the bottom of the water is beyond terrifying. It also looked like a perfect scene from Jaws. I’m just imagine seeing a fin pop out right before my eyes. 15 minutes later, I finally got in, swam around and then hurried out. The water was a bit chilly and super salty. But at least I can say I swam in the French Riviera. That’s all I wanted!image

We then sailed over to the Cap de Ferrat. We spotted the homes of many celebrities, such as Elton John, George Clooney, and Bill Gates. The captain was friendly and knowledgeable about the sea. He even let me drive the boat for a bit. Andy held on for dear life. Two hours later, we climbed out, said our goodbyes and walked around the harbor.


Our captain suggested a nice restaurant to eat that sits right on the water called, La Reserve. Apparently, it’s a famous restaurant and has been around since 1900. Built like a light hues, we sat outside and enjoyed the sparkling blue water. Lunch was fantastic!!! If you are in Nice and are looking for a decently priced menu with great seafood, this is the place to go. Between the Salade Nicoise, my salmon, and Andy’s cod. We hit our veggie and protein for the day.

We then headed towards the Castle de Nice. This is where Louis the 14th decided to destroy the castle so that pirates would not have easy access to France. Up top there is a panoramic view of the riviera, along with a park for kids, a waterfall, and a cemetery. Another hidden gem Nice has to offer. Trying to get out was a nightmare. We kept hitting dead ends, or there was construction. Andy had me climbing over rocks, trying to jump fences as if I was Tom Sawyer.

We finally make it out, and we work our way through Old Town. We stop to have some gelato and sit in the square. Did I mention that my boyfriend LOVES to walk?! I mean over 25,000-31,000 steps a day. That’s between 12-15 miles! To say my feet hurt is an understatement.
We get back to the hotel and shower up for dinner. While playing on Pinterest, I came across the famous hotel, Hotel du Cap. I tried to convince Andy that we should stay there (hotel snob coming out) but i think the 800 euros a night scared him off.

The hotel is extremely private and rests at the Cap d’ Antibes.any celebrates such as Madonna and Beyoncé have stayed at this hotel or their villas to seek seclusion. So of course it was my mission to find them and become friends with them. I made reservations at their restaurant, Eden Roc back in June. I saw pictures and immediately fell in love. So here is where my lack of planning stepped in. I did some investigating and saw that you can take a local train to Antibes. What I didn’t figure out was how to get there from the station.

Bordeaux and Bubbly
Bordeaux and Bubbly


The French Riviera conveniently goes from Vertigmilio to Marseille. Tickets are only five euro for a one way. It’s an extremely convenient way of getting around if you are on a budget or have limited time.
We board our train and get off at Juan Des Pins. It’s about a 30 minute ride. Once we get there, we look around for a taxi, and sure enough, there are none! We have 40 minutes until our dinner reservation. We look around and decide to make the 2 mile walk. I didn’t even have time to be embarrassed because all l wanted to do was get there.


We walk up to the gated entrance and the guy looked at us as if we were homeless. He asked if we were going to the hotel or the restaurant, then pointed us in the right direction. As we walk in, my mouth dropped. It was exactly how I had pictured it. The restaurant sits on the water and offers a gorgeous sunset view. We snapped a few pics and enjoyed or incredible expensive dinner. Moments like these makes me so grateful and appreciative knowing I can do all the things that I want to do, and have someone I can share it with. It was a beautiful evening and the best way a girl could end her birthday!


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