Euro trip- French Riviera Day 2

Day number deux. We have our full day French Riviera tour. I also booked this through Viator as it was almost $50 less expensive. The bus came to our hotel around 8:45 to pick us up. We had a total of 8 people in our group. Another reason why I selected this option, not only did it allow us to see the whole riviera, but it kept it into intimate at the same time. It allowed us to bond with our peers from all over the world.


We met a couple from Australia and India, a woman from Romania, and another woman from New York. Our tour guide’s name was Sylvia and she was super pleasant. Originally from the Provence area and moved to Nice when she was six.


We piled in the car, had our first stop at a lookout point over Nice. A really great view of the city overall. We then traveled east toward Villafrance Sur Mar, where we stopped again at another lookout point.


Eze was our next stop. I knew this was a place both Andy and I were going to love. I had done some research about the small town and read about the Medieval history and Chateau de Eze. We had about 45 minutes to explore the small town on our own. There was a hill where you can have a panoramic view of the ocean. To climb to the top, it normally costs about six euros. However, for some strange reason, we were able to get in for free. Not sure it was because we went on a weekend. Inside the walls were tons of artisan shops and small restaurants. With all the winding alleys, it’s easy to get lost and find yourself running into water fountains and olive trees.


Next was Monaco! I was really looking forward to Monaco because I’ve heard so much about it. From the yachts, to the Casino, to royal history. I did the best I could to describe it to Andy, but knew he needed to see it from himself. We walk around old Monaco, and visit the Royal Palace. We only had a few minutes to grab a quick bite and then meet the group to drive around the city. This is the part that I didn’t like about the tour. Because we had so much to see in nine hours, we didn’t get to spend much time in each town. So in Monaco, we drove around the harbor, saw the boats, saw where the Grand Prix takes place, the Casino, the Fairmont, etc.


Antibes is next. Antibes is about 45 minutes away from Monaco via car. We get out at the harbor of Billionaires Port. It literally is what it sounds. Yachts that I never knew could exist. The size of these boats (if that’s what you want to call them) were bigger than I have ever seen. I mean row after row after row. Ranging from $150-$350 million. INSANE! Where are these men and how can I find one? And can you pay off my credit card debit? Since you decide to waste money on boat that you probably only use once a month! Ughhh I’m just jealous.


Last and final stop is Cannes. Famous for the film festival. When I think of Cannes I think of Grace Kelly, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Entourage. It’s a place where all the stars align. From the Carlton hotel to the promenade filled with designer shops. Cannes is a place to be seen. For me, I can do without it. It’s nice and glitzy for the time being. But there really isn’t much to do and is my least favorite town. So unfortunately, I don’t have much to say about it.


Overall, we had a great day. The tour was long, and at the end felt like it dragged on. But it really is a great way to get around the riviera, especially if you don’t have means of transportation or know where to go. Book through Viator and learn more about the tour if you have any unanswered questions. Tomorrow is my birthday, and we have a full day planned. Stayed tuned! Xoxo!


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