Euro trip- Paris Day 2

Yesterday was our last day in Paris. We woke up around 9:30am, got dressed and had the complimentary breakfast in the lobby.

We walked around the corner, and found a cute boutique wine shop. I had been looking for a place to buy a bottle. The lady that worked there was extremely helpful and showed me what the difference between “Cru” and first “1st Cru”. Basically anything that has 1st, is the better choice of wine based on where the grape was developed. It received more sun, less water, etc. It’s the better grape option.

We looked on our map an noticed that there was a huge garden near our hotel, Jardin de Plantes. We walked in and stumbled across and beautiful open space with crops, flowers, a natural history museum and a zoo! Who knew all of this was so close to where we were staying. A pleasant surprise to say the least.


Even though we just had breakfast, I was on a crepe kick. We walked around St. Germaine, and stopped at a small cafe near the University of Paris. When traveling, you’re so used to seeing the tourists that you sometimes forget real people live here. So it was really nice to see actual students hanging out before class. I could sit and watch them all day. I ordered a Nutella crepe and a cappuccino. Andy ordered an expresso. We sipped away and stared at all the students passing by.


Our plan for the day was to make our way again towards the Latin Quarter, eat lunch and people watch. That’s when the rain kicked this. This time I didn’t have an umbrella with me. So it was either my hair or my Burberry scarf that was sacrificed…We huddled under an awning until the rain lightened.

We found another cafe to grab a quick bite to eat. This time Andy had the Croque Madame and I had a cup of french onion soup and a bottle of wine. We chatted and enjoyed each other’s company.

Time passes rather quickly and we needed to head back to the hotel so we could change for our wine/champagne tasting. That its, after we stopped and got ANOTHER CREPE!! Seriously, I had a problem.


We change and I check my email and see that my mom has also checked in and would meet us at O Chateau. We make the quick 30 minute jaunt over to Rue de Jean Jacques Rosseau. I found this tasting through my favorite website, Viator. It had so many great reviews about the wine and the sommelier. I thought why not give it a try. It was about $60 for a tasting of six different wines over a course of two hours. I will say, that I left completely satisfied.

image image

The sommelier’s name was Louie and he was knowledge and extremely personable. He never rushed us and he taught us new techniques on how to really capture the flavor of different wines.
We learned about the many regions in France that produce our favorite wines, such as Bougourne is known for their Pinot noirs-my favorite. We also learned that unlike in the United States, the vineyards work together to help create the best wine region. Not the best brand. It’s a complete team effort. O Chateau is rated one of the best wine bars in the city, and I highly recommend it those who know nothing or are well-versed in wines.


We left the tasting and took an Über to Cafe Constant. This will now have been my third time to this Michelin rated restaurant by Christopher Constant, and it has never disappointed me. A tiny space located near the Eiffel Tower, Constant is jammed packed with a line of people waiting outside to get in. Luckily enough we were able to quickly grab three spots open at the bar.


We ordered oysters, lobster ravioli, frog legs, and chicken. For dessert, it was the profiteroles. A perfect way to cap off our evening.


If you all have a chance to visit Paris, I hope that you have the opportunity to enjoy the places I listed. If you have been, tell me your thoughts!


Now we’re off to the French Riveria. Au revoir!

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