Summer House

The weekend has come to end. The last weekend of summer has come and gone. No more BBQs. No more patio seating. It’s a sad day, but a great way to start the fall season.

One of my best friends from childhood had their annual Labor Day party. It’s something that I always look forward to whenever I have the chance to go. Great food, great atmosphere and quality time with some of the best people I know. Her mom made killer ribs, taco dip, and a gorgeous looking fruit salad. As you get older, it gets harder to spend time with those that are close to you. As my boyfriend says, “Always Say Yes” to hanging out with friends and family. Always make time for them. Love them and be there for them.

We opted to start our own “Friends-giving” and I would play host! A scary task but I’m looking forward to having a dinner party at our place.

To cap off the weekend, I went to the ever-so popular Summer House. Located in Old Town, just north of North Ave. I have been dying to go for over a year now, and just haven’t made it happen. I met my former college teammate and her boyfriend. I walked up and immediately knew I was going to love this place. Patio seating with an open garage-a quick glance in and you see the greenery and hanging lights. With an expandable roof, lots of natural light shines in.


When you walk in, there is a walk up pastry shop. Cookies, brownies and other delectable treats at your beck and call. The restaurant was packed and filled buzz from happy customers. We waited about 30 minutes before we were seated. Once we sat down, I ordered a mimosa and glanced at the menu. I don’t think I have ever struggled as much as I did trying to determine what I wanted to eat. Do I go with what I normally order? Try something sweet? Can I really turn down bacon? Breakfast Tostadas it is! Soooo yummy!! The tortillas were crispy but not overcooked. The pulled chicken was flavorful and the over easy egg made for a nice coating.


A cute, romantic atmosphere, perfect for date night. I will definitely be back for the dinner menu and some cocktails!


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Xoxo

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