Food is for Lovers

Like many others, I love eat and cook, especially for other people. Nothing gives me more pleasure than having people come over to my place and enjoy the food that I made for them. Well…except maybe walking around the house in my first pair of Louboutins.

My mom is the best chef I know. She never went to culinary school. She never worked in a restaurant. It’s a talent that has been passed down in my family. She would spend hours in the kitchen with my great-grandmother. To this day, we still make her recipes!

At an early age, my mom placed me in the kitchen next to her side and showed me how to make easy foods for myself. I made Kraft mac and cheese (from the box), and I thought, “hot damn, this is good!” I progressed to steaks, baking brownies, and other desserts. It was enough for me to get by when I needed to make dinner for myself.

When I went to college and moved into my first apartment my sophomore year, I really needed to learn how to cook. Especially being in college gymnastics and having a jam packed schedule (6am lifting, class, practice, study tables, then back to class). My mom made me a cook book with all my favorite recipes from my childhood. I baked chicken, fried catfish, made salads. I tried to cook as much as could. But fast food was my real friend. You could find me at Chipotle or Burger King any day of the week. It’s actually really gross how much fast food I consumed.

In my adults years, I have grown to love throwing holiday parties. Memorial Day, 4th of July, Christmas, you name it. I spend copious amounts of time finding the best recipes to suit my audience needs. I will say, it started off a little rough. I would forget an ingredient or find myself making food while guests were arriving which is a big no-no. Time management is something I still struggle with when it comes to cooking.

I continue to search for recipes that are eclectic and satisfies both mine and my boyfriend’s taste buds. Whatever recipe that ends up being a hit goes into my own cook book. I feel it’s safe to say that we have become a foodies. Thinking about chicken enchiladas has me drooling over my keyboard. I love the way food smells, the flavors, the colors. It hearts my souls how much I enjoy eating delicious food.

I love posting pictures of my creations on Instagram (follow me at chanel87). Shameless plug, I know! Some are my ideas, some I get from Food & Wine or on Pinterest.

With Andy and I constantly on the go, I get the chance to really explore other culture’s food. It’s amazing how the same ingredients can taste so differently across the world.

So on that note, I will move my posts to Bordeaux and Bubbly See the food I make and the food I eat while traveling.

Let’s jump start this bad boy with last night’s dish!

Cajun Chicken in with a Mushroom Gravy and Roasted Asparagus



Cajun Chicken

2 Chicken Breast ( I bought Cajun flavored breasts from Mariano’s)

Any Cajun spices (chili pepper, paprika, spices. Red chili pepper flakes)

Mushroom Gravy

Click here for recipe

Roasted Asparagus

A bundle of asparagus

1 tbs EVOO

Salt and Pepper to taste


-Preheat oven to 400 degrees

-Season chicken, place on baking sheet. I like to cover with tin foil to help lock in the moisture. Bake chicken for approx 25 min

-While chicken is baking, following the mushroom gravy recipe I found in the link above

-The last 10 minutes cooking that sauce, drizzle the EVOO in skillet, let it get hot. Grab asparagus, wash, trim edges, place in skillet. Cook thoroughly on medium to high heat. Season with salt and pepper.

That’s it! I hope you enjoy!

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